The Zoo Back In Action!

The Zoo!!!

rAzboUnited Kingdom
UnblindUnited Kingdom
OwzoUnited Kingdom

We are looking for another two players to complete our line up. Whilst we would prefer that we know you personally already, new faces should feel free to apply.

We are potentially looking at attenting the next CC event, so please only apply if you are willing and able to attend the event (wherever it maybe).

Initially the commitment would be low, looking at a sunday night practice and a tuesday night for officials from the 14th of october onwards.

You can contact me by replying to this post or my sending me a pm.

(Ex)Cheaters need not apply.

image: domoc
gl owzo <3
loololol gl nerds
nice club :)
you won't be able to build a team with no ex-cheaters, gl still :P
gl boys!

ask Xo and potty?
gl guys
owzo <3
r u still playin ql? need to duel :p
gl guys
There can't be a zoo without a dancing elephant!
Why just not call you "The Cube"?
sounds nice. gl guys
owzo traitor! :<
do you got whales in your zoo?
No who would you suggest kind sir?
orcas are cool
I couldn't agree more!
gl guys, great team!
avi but im too low :[
back doors
gonna be
smashed in

hf :O)
good luck guys <3<3<3 :>
gl guys :D
gl guys I expect alot of steamin in
im your man if activity aint a problem :P
you know its true vitun munapaa (and no i cant type it properly because im not on my pc right now!)
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