Need1 for OC

We have already played 1 match but since nicon won't be able to play for a while we are going to need someone to use as a backup. (Youll be needed quite a bit!)

We are:
United Kingdom Potty
Portugal rAhzel
Norway moldu
Wales garin
Netherlands Ironic

Europe TBA

What we need from you:
- To accept that garin is a 12 year old rent boy
- To be able to handle med skill
- Be able to to play all classes (rifle is not needed)
- Be kinda active as 1 of us is always offline for whatever reason!
- Accept the fact that I (potty) am greater than you.

if you wanna join /q potty @ #ALMIGHTY.ET

image: garin
would be nice to play with moldu :_D
Good luck potty and Ironic <33333333333333
why cant Germany nicon play? he speaks every language, including Welsh
+1 (stop discriminate German ppl)
He has just moved house and doesnt have a proper internet connection.
ahhh man, thats a shame, he could be the lingual bridge between the players in your team
only I can speak welsh, feggit.
GL Potty, garin and ironic <3
gl potty <3
gl potty & friends.
potty your such a shlag ;D
damn potty, another project? hopefullyits not 2 weeks only. gl man.
well this project last for 1/2 months already.. get your facts straight u homo
troll detected
Yeah you right 1/2 months = 0.5 months which its actually 2 weeks and 3.5 days :D its already more than 2 weeks.

gl potty.
well my bad now.. its not 1 and a half its 1 or 2 months.. alot more than 2 weeks
potty u fag
avi for 8 more days
GL guys <3333333
shitteam with shitnoobs:PpPpPPPP
take me potty m8! D:
The Irony
new project?
take GermanyNoezify

and i loled at garin :DDD

- To accept that garin is a 12 year old rent boy
GL potty, i can be avi :)
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