Backupboi Boss


because of my inactivity (and probably because GermanyboNg is just a way better rifler than I am), I got removed from NetherlandsOVERLOAd

therefor, I'm avi for a backupspot in any team (preferable EC/EMS playoffs obviously :D), but I cant play in OC or ESL fall (unless u can bribe the admin)

About me:

- Avi sunday (100%) only (maybe 1 other day a week)
- Best as damagedealing fops/medic
- Can play any class (rifle is my worst)
- Special

Ex-teams worth mentioning: BelgiumBelgian Fraternity, BelgiumOVERLOAd, BelgiumTeam Belgium, NetherlandsOVERLOAd

/q Boss_ @ #et.belgium
ovr isnt playing EC with bong + physic?
we so 3 played 3 lost
and now u have gr0ss + phyzic only for ems?
arstar said he allowed them to play with u the ems h3hh3h3h3

cause artstar is the boss!
Special means retarded right?
Quotebecause GermanyboNg is just a way better rifler than I am

obviously because he hacks and you don't :D

good luck !:)
gl ma pwner<3
gl noob
gl Boss! <3
gl, nice guy x
Good luck beer
sta ik op uwe ignore list op irc ofwa?
gl zeker
keb gewoon tegen vyper gereageerd, omda gij daar toch mee aant spele waart

kem niemand op men ignore list :)
gl bossssssssss (:
Good luck, Boss. (:
sounds like you dont play enough to be a backup :(

become a pub hero!

gl friend
gl my dear!

Amazing player... and very special indeed.
gl owner
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