mana needs a team asap

Since i got much free time now due to my workshifts i need a team for upcoming cups & tournaments! (5on5) Played like 10000 Finland mixes now and it's gettin little boring


- from Finland
- can speak Finland :o & England
- skill med (can manage decently against higher oppos -.-)
- can play any class u want me to. I'd prefer medic thou
- avi su - thu 19cet to 22cet, with some exceptions when my gf isn't working
- played oc 5on5 3rd div, and rolled it totally with some Finlandleet owners

- not a new project (unless there's people i've already played alot with)
- prefer you to be Finland but Europe is okay too
- motivated
- age 18+ (exceptions can be made)
- no homo

pm me here or msg me @ #crossfire mana`
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buy a decent net, fix your mouse problems, stop working out = let's roll
Same here manaskuukkeli! :PPP gl!
omg, pitää mennä samaan tiimiin.
FinlandTanssiryhmäsopimuskerho ?
lol! abit higher standards there -.-'
Poland spaki approves !

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good luck my beloved finnish skinhead who i've never met ;D
gl manaatti, low+ max :D
mana from iA and EA? if soo low+ max
lol plz, gtfo. No, i have never even heard of those clans. And btw, i played this game when u were still @ preschool. fag.
just asking, u mad?
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