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As the title already said, I'm on the look for a team.

About me:

x 18 years old, Mature
x Experienced (playing ET for like 7.5 year)
x Decent/brained player (Can handle med/+ skill for sure)
x LAN-prooved and LAN-avi
x Active, can be online every evening if the week (except for saturday)
x Active at Comms, can speak proper English & Dutch
x Can play any class but prefer medic/rifle

About you:

x Be active/stable and participate at cups etc
x Decent skill, med/+ (since im still improving/want to improve)
x Dutch/English at ingame comments
x Serious ingame, in for a joke outside the games
x No 2 week projects


image: 2r2riw5
Good luck fag <3
gl noob !
gl, but rly... make a team with me u faggot=D
succes neger
gl implux :)
rambohomo gl
gL dennis :D
goodluck man!

friendly and good player, a must ;-)
gl broseph!
gL bruv : ]
gl nice guy and player
great guy, take him

gl mate :)
good luck :)
gl, always nice to play with or against :)
i can only see 5 forum topics, why is that?
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better take him..
ur the only forum thread i can see, so gl ;P
Goodluck m8:)
vlam aan
gl implux :)))
gl take him hes better then med
gl implux
good player
gl. secret talent.
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