fuchS avi

I'm quite bored these days playing publics and getting emo after getting backraged 24/7

I'm in need of a team that aint that super active top 3 times a week mostly monday-wednsday,

I can handle any class any skill any kinda gameplay I'm pretty much in the shape of my life aim wise, lets not tak about body here tho!!

I'm searching for some OC prem or EC team to mess around with ofc no one aiming for 1 !

So maus and co dont bother asking me again
no gl for you
gl madman
You again.
Yeah life seems boring :(
Geheh owned you in pub :>
remember me ? :P
this topic needs some fropped pic
gl backraper
jo fuchs long time no see m8
gl dude, very nice player
good player although my pistol skils are way better XD
gl 2 u fuchS
gl fuchsje

Bring staZi back :)
[witz] (~wtz@541C45B2.cm-5-5b.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #stazi

;) come irc and we sort it haha
On the way
fuchs is cool <3
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