swaggeR avi

Since Germany Team-AoW RED splitted and nobody wants to rebuild a 2nd Team under the flag of Germany Art of Wolfenstein i'm in need of a Team to prac a little bit.

About Me:[/b]
-> 22 years old (mature)
-> funny guy
-> avi 2-3 days a week
-> loyal
-> med skilled
-> can play Medic -/- Rifle -/- 2nd Eng -/- Fops
-> Germany -/- United Kingdom
-> LAN avi (can pay by myself)

What i'm searching for:[/b]
-> nice guys
-> Med skill
-> prefer Germany Teams but Europe should be also ok!
-> active Team with ambitions
-> 18+
-> no 2 weeks projects!

contact me:
#team-aow (/q AoW|swaggeR)
pm me on crossfire
never ever xD
dont want to join a clone of 187 Kriegsgarten!
ah i see you search 18+ , so it wouldnt fit anyway
lie & we even dont want disabled people in nB so he wouldnt fit in there :DDD
gl noob :P
gl mate
-> funny guy

yes u are cause ur unbeliveable stupid.
actually u guys werent team red =(
dont care about squad name.
if you want to i will call it Team pink xD
Pm nB| Aggro !
gl, but pls also show that u r mature ^_ stop these moneyboy jorunals D:
i'm allways mature xD XDDD be serious dude
/q ``casek
gl skilleR
hodne stesti (:
Dekuji príteli
gl digga
gl dennis : )
hodne stesti! :)
Dekuji príteli
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