OHO need 2

Dear Anonymous Crossies,
We decided to restart again, but this time without Belgium Alm0$t since he is still to busy with his nasty/ugly "girl" friend(we love you almost<3) we're in need of a new motivated Anonymous fourth player and we kicked Anonymous DOOPPI cuz he turned into a retarded egowhore who can only talk on TS3 for his whines so we also need a Anonymous fifth to complete our lineup!

image: s_head
What do we expect from you?
  • Be active, 2/3 days should be fine
  • Aim like a med skiller or better
  • Teamplay > All
  • No egotards
  • Multiclasser: Reviving medic, eng smg, second field ops
  • Aggresive medic
  • Play smart with your brains
  • Be available on our practise times (Monday and Wednesday from 21:00 CET atm)
  • Willing to improve

image: 2vc7p15
What can you expect from us?
  • Playing actively
  • TS 3 server
  • Teamplay
  • Bunch of nice guys
  • Playing CB OC
  • Decent skill
  • Reliable

image: s_foot

Team Information

image: s_head
Anonymous Order Hookers Online

Netherlands abzes
Hungary bAlu_
Anonymous Multiclasser
image: 2vc7p15

Please support us
at #orderhookersonline
Hossling since 2008! :]

Netherlands Excite
Europe You?

image: s_foot

Tryouts sunday 21:00 CET

xoxo <3

i used to do ur mom
ik zeg je weer.. AVI
why the fuck u dont cotnact me? i said im avi, u guys r not serius!!!!!!
pick me ! 8<
Aim like a med skiller or better

sir u failed.
gl cartman and balu to high for team whit abze

seareal don't join ;) to good lordii to mitch ook xd trust me
cartmaN worst Poker player ever
avi as backup
best player BACK UP gl excite and cartman ofc
I'm avi.
:D gl guys :)
gl abzes :) avi as backup
2 weeks max
debieltje 1ste classsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wtf? talk english man :D
that your a faggot
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