DonMatthias says bb

i just wanted to say bye bye to all my lovers and haters...
i decided to quit since i cant find any motivation to play anymore

i know 99% of the community wont care about this post but still worth to tell the rest a big thanks for this great time :)

to everyone have a nice time playin this awsome game :)

best regards

Best of Luck in ur future u will return in a few Months anyway ;) NO ONE CAN QUIT THIS AWESOME GAME!
thx m8 maybe i will return in future but i dont think so early :)

also bb
awesome game i want to believe
omg ich muss dir recht geben :D!
Hf in reallife :) But watchout, it's a dangerous place!
But tell me, how did you become so good that fast? Still remember you from the old grow room & gathering pub where i rolled you easily:S
playin rly a lot .. and having good teachers :)
some ex-ec players have rly nice experience

main reason was to have fun while playin :)
Attention whore. Strange how the good players never leave journals saying goodbye.
bye , donm8 . Was great to play few matches with you:) Nice guys , gl and take care:)

hau rein
werd ich machen :)
enjoy ur freetime.
cu tomorrow
cu matthias :< was always nice playing with you :)

image: zircc9
bb apocm8 :(

ps: i love this pic :) ... could u send me the link maybe? :)
rightclick it and copy imagelocation and get it like that? :p

btw, your fragmovie in your profile isnt working atm :< send me a working link! I want to see it.
but dont forget i never made a good one :D ( pls watch in HD even if its shit :D )
bb motta m8 <33 my little padawan :)
brb getting some care
lol no don :(((((((((((((
bb kleine <33333
bb mate, youll always be a part of erAse :$

gonna miss having huge fights with you

bb m8 will miss it too :(
:D aardappel
lekkere matroos van me :$$
geile gladgeschoren kapitein van me :$
good luck there :)
Ciao Don! was nice;)
two weeks
im in those 99% :D
Nooooo :( GL in the thing that called ``real life´´ :) was great to play with you and learnt me alot thanks ! :)

Bye bye
had fun with you, bb :<
war vorraussehbar ^^ ciao ciao donnie! hf in rl und gl mit deiner neuen flamme :P, aber wehe du kommst nicht ab und zu mal ins xfire :P

hin und wieder is sicha a mix drinnen :)
bb mate, "real life"!
bb donmatthias. have fun whatever you decide to do. and welcome back anytime.. there is not too much "nice and friendly" players.
bye man cya in some months
2 weeks, addict
stop knowing sneaky spots in the new maps! :o)
bb man, no more motivation usely means giving real-life matters priority, like work & sport!

Out of the scene myself now for quite a long time, rarely playing, only now and then but never missed it big time so far because old times with old people who quitted won't come back!
true .. bb man :)
Matthias :<

war echt schön mit dir, auch auf Lan, ich liebte deine Lache!! :)

Hab nen erfolgreiches leben und ich bin mir sicher man sieht sich nochmal :)

ja war echt cool :)
bb :)
bb mate, gonna miss you! epic vs erAse games were awesome every fucking time :p
bb m8 was rly fun every single game :)
Goodbye, I always respected you as a rival :'( Hate to see people like you go
See you Next week mate :)
bb mate. Take care ;)
machs gut bessy :< hoffentlich kommt ein AT comeback :D
haha das wärs, wenn alle so zum nationscup zurück kommen :DDD
tu nicht so, als wär' das was neues...
war schon immer so, in jedem Nationsteam
die letzten jahre bestand aber immerhin ein teil aus teilweise aktiven spielern, 2011 vermutlich aus völlig inaktiven
cya don, had some nice matches vs you back in the days :)
don <3

get back soon!!
thanks !!
bb donm8 !
bye champ!
bb dony <33333
good bye matthias m8,enjoy your life and your gf :)
bb don! always nice to mix up with you :)
submarine says bb
thx for this nice time ;)
bb most disgusting abbrevation ever

bb don & dont forget to return in a few months!
bb donito :<
Have fun with reallife mate! HOpefully Ill see u around! <#
cya in a few months m8
bb don thank you for teaching me places for gr :----D
hope to see u back soon and good luck with everything in your life
bb man, and gl in RL :)
cya, I wish you best in your real life. Have fun
Dont get it...
I havent played ET in months (except for a few mins of oub from time to time) but I still read and sometimes post on CF, so where is the need for a forumpost saying "good bye, cuin2weeks?"...
bb rifle mate
best of luck in future ;)
cya enjoy
bb Donmathias.
See ya in ET2
bye buddy, too bad it didn't work out
wieso so viel resonanz auf den post? bin echt erstaunt. interessiert doch eigentlich kein schwein
bb and cu in 2 weeks :)
Lol wardy! ;)
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