ag0n - New fragmovie

Right folks, i am at holidays till middle september and i have nothing special to do meanwhile. In order to fill my time i would like to create a little fragmovie. It's been a while since i promised one!
image: 11udij6
Looking for:
  • fast actions (aim! hs's!)
  • intense moments! Ninja defuses? Teamplay actions?
  • Panzers or few multikills
  • Shoutcast moments!
  • funny/fail moments.. you name it!

Looking for EC/NC player demos


Fanboys? - Feel free to send some demos or ettv links from your favorite players.

Looking for[/b]]
I have some demos saved to use at this movie for a while but they are not enough.

- very fast actions with lots of headshots and good strafe/movement (if possible, else: fast and good actions)
- Known enemies with tags (no random mixs if possible. Team vs Team!)
- Intense and unique frags that no one has ever seen before
- Old school players/frags/enemies preferred
- Shoutcasts would be a must have if possible!

Also looking for some:
- Spam frags (multi kills preferred, not 1 rifle kills 5 times!), fast frags!
- Few funny moments (not sure if i will use them though)
- Team work and/or defuses, ninja plants etc etc, with shoutcast if possible!

Movie name[/b]]
QuoteThat's right. I don't know what name shall i use. I'm open to listen your opinion. You can comment right here at this topic. Thanks

QuoteI also need some music. I have intro and 1st music, but i need atleast 1 or 2 extra music and 1 funny music for some fail moments. Feel free to write some names here or send me by pm!

Looking for some decent/calm dnb or some trance.. or some chillout music. It should allow me to sync/edit enough

How to send demos?[/b]]
QuoteSend me your demos at a .rar with a litle .txt describing the action and exact moment.

demo north vs east, radar, lettu 3 strike 1mp, 11.49 (+ extra info.. like hs etc)
you can cut the demo, but use a big offset (atleast 30 seconds before the frag and 30s after)

DO NOT upload to servers with "waiting time" like rapidshare n stuff
3 demos MAX, unless you think there is some others worth it!

You can send me a pm here / or contact me at #webartdesign -> nick ag0n`

Few testclips for ya: / /

Remember, this is not a "community" movie. I will pick the players i want (i think community movies should represent the community, which means from low- to high+)

I will be accepting demos for 1 or 2 weeks, i don't get enough or no pm's from good players i might start scanning ettv demos, but then i won't care about comments like "shit frag.. " or " i didn't allow you to use this frag"... so make sure you give me some input :)

Feel free to send a pm:here

First in epic thread!
E: Must be fails be for OC/EC players only?:p
well, i'm looking for frags n stuff from higher representative players, but the fail moments can be open to anyone as long as it is good enough! As i said i don't know if i'm gonna use the fail moments (they may not fit the movie!)

Bl4d3s jump on supply @ E-series against bF
could you provide me a gtv link when it is back online?
what happened?:P
he cannot into CPwalljump^^
inb4 uv-hannes` hate comments!
moviemakerdaddy <3
still love him tho!
Music for funny actions: Dont Worry be happy :D
fu, i already used that in my movie :(
<3, dont know. but you can do a little movie for 3/4 mins for me :)
but i know it :D nerd

maybe i can, we'll see, need to start the other one after lan first :D
Always appreciated your work, I hope you'll bring the great 2011 movie we're all waiting for.
NetherlandsJoshua got some frags left i think
name for you

from a till ur gOne
yooooooooooooo ag0n

I'd love to send you frags but I'm shit and have 0 frags
i gave mAus 3 hs on LAN!

unseen actions you said!
I bet you gave him 3hs irl.
nah his face is too pretty for that, wouldnt want his gf to be mad. Nothing worse than a woman whos mad at u
naah, wasn't serious anyway.
will you actually finish one this time?
only time will tell
you can make my movie
i really though alot before posting this. I wouldn't really mind to have asked you this but i've promised a community movie 1 year ago, so i feel like i need to create this movie before i think about another one.

I'd love to have few frags from you!
Remember, this is not a "community" movie. I will pick the players i want (i think community movies should represent the community, which means from low- to high+)
Fucking +11518
you dont have any good frags..
So you're actually going to finish it? :D
gl mate : )
nice troll
you got the ones I sent ya about a year ago for the last movie you said you'll do? .. :-D
yes, battery panzer :) + would be cool if you could upload a bigger demo of this frag, your's is kinda short
hold on I'll watch the replay on gtv and get a bigger one.. :p
thanks! cheers
i can upload the demos some ppl sent to me 3 yrs ago, when i wanted to make a community movie^^
would be priceless if you don't mind!
best of luck! Im so excited, but I can hide it :>
sorry but what did i just read
new fragmovie?
i mean new?
didnt know you made a fragmovie before (testclips dont* count :PPP)
yeah but it was like 5 years ago
no no no sir! everything counts! :DDDDD don't hate on me :(
No, it doesn't count!* it's a fact!
Let me indroduce to the world of what doesnt count!

1. Sex with condom doesn't count as sex.
2. Fighting with a girl doesn't count as fight.
3. Making testclips and old movies don't count as moviemaking!

waste of time arguing against this!
You can't argue because you know your intellectual level is under mine, so whatever you'd say I'd say something more clever!
FACT (:::::::
okay actually what i wanted to say but I couldn't
noone ever went into aruing with me because i always win.

No. You just read my comments carefully because you know each word from me is wisdom.
Take care son.
uhm, no.. i won, u know it but u cant handle your loss.. its too late to write some intelligent sentences how wise you are

try harder next time
If a wise man opens his mouth the only thing comes out is wisdom. What you said is full of bullcrap, hence you are a poor attentionwhore.
I won this conversation too, sleep well bud!
No you didn't win! Your'e not wise. I'll sleep well. This is boring.

I heard a public server is in need of a new highest fragger, so i g2g. bb
I keep place for youth, I am not a horrible man.
GL mate! <3
i could provide you with nice chilloutDNB or Liquid beats :)

just pm here if you want my help
po caralho! paneleiro da merda, vou uplodar umas aí. beijo no cu c/ pêlo!
can give you everything if u do mine :D

frags, song, even camtrace files 8D

too lazy to do it :(

will give u smth tomorrow anyway :)

"lol more smiley pls" :D8D:(:)
QuoteLooking for some decent/calm dnb or some trance

why? :( any kind of good music is welcome, as long as you think it is good for edit/sync
I don't want to criticise you or anything, just not my cup of tea ;)
Edit: However I'd like to see this one for fail actions
rofl :D nice vid :DDD
Finland twidi needs a moviemaker :P
I thought Finlandmoff was making his movie
Didnt finish it.
Good luck mate!
Bruno, bruno :D.
new framovie implies a first one?
or just that it's not going to be old when its first made.

check my reply to adze up. If you feel like flamming, go ahead.
check adzes reply yo ur reply, anyway not flaming, jsut saying
no further comment on that subject if you think it doesn't count.
do you think you owned the same techniques and skill and editing and knowledge you had then? why wouldnt it count? that movie didt need anywhere near the ammount of dedication wich is expected from you now after all the previews, tests, tutorials, colours and everything. and right now the fact is, that with ur current skill you havent been able to produce something in 5 years, so yes in my eyes it doesn't rly count and i find the title pretty much inapropriate
i agree about the title, couldn't think about a better one :|
well, right now i'm way better, but don't expect anything god like, even if i have the knowledge or even if i wrote few tutorials i don't think i am able to create a movie that could compete with requiem (by uv-Max) or Fragarea3 (by quaky), the other movie was produced at 2006 we didn't really have good configs available or anything just like nowadays. As some people say, i'm just decent quality only till i prove you otherwise ;)
i know ur better, thats what i was saying :D
yeah, don't think i'm proud of QkR the movie but as i said someone needs to start somewhere and improve :)
It's a lot about the flow which is mainly created by music and syncing. Quaky mastered this. For me that's partially because I like the type of music used in Fragarea 3 and I reckon that electronic, more specifically trance, DnB and electro to some extent, suit fragmovies better. Other genres aren't terrible either but as for now I can't think of any fragmovie in which non-electronic music would've been used and it still had a good flow in it.
requiem? max chapter 3.. not rly a dnb/trance movie :D
They fall into the electronic section in my opinion.
different point of view then xD but lets admin, it's a different style comparing to quaky usuals
Woody and nothing more had a nice flow as well..
pretty good movie tbh :)
almost as good as ur previous movies.

oh wait.. :p <3
do you include shoutcasts?
if the frag has a good shoutcast why not!?
*click* all in german, long time ago.
mm... german is a no go, english only.. mainly because i don't understand, which means i can't know exactly if its good or not :|

but thanks alot!
I mean, when a german guy performs a frag... why not? :P most of the casts contain german teams with decent players. well, up2you :D
alright, will take a look then since i've searched some frags from some german players (like evil n stuff) :)
take frags from the sage lan . i have just seen nice actions
would be great if people could write them down (otherwise i'm gonna have to search them myself)
butchji in a killing spree : $$
haste auch butchjiiiiiii im team germany vor nen paar jahren (aaaaalt) hinter der bank goldrush?? :OO ich liebe diese szene. war mein einstieg :p
nee, hab 2009 erst angefangen mit casten. da war butchji schon geschichte :D
sche ade :(
inb4 harddisk crash
if i just play vs a EC team, is that okay?
i would rather see 5v5 good clan vs good clan, but if you have a good frag vs a top team, why not? :)
yeah i might have something from the seeding tour, not sure tho, but ill check
is it okay some 2-3year old action vs incomplete like 5 men or 6 with rifle.
ye why not?
found it. got times also
Ill PM you with some music ;)
if i wouldn't be so lowskill, you could make a movie of me.<3 :*
nein! ich möchte auch ma in nem vid sein :D
Someone say fail moments? ;)
should be reserved for MY project tbh :p
i got A LOT of fails just ask owzo. :)
good luck!!! maybe i can send some demos, gotta check :P
gl & hf m8!
Wait until after SAGE lan. Guessing there will be many sick actions!
well, i will scann the sage demos, don't worry :) right now i was expecting some "un seen good frags from good old players", but so far i've got bad content only :\
Your too picky :P
(to let you know, i haven't seen your demo yet)

well, yeah, but if i am going to waste my time, i would rather spend it well. Also it doesn't feel right to be wasting, somehow, my time with players lower than me (no offense / this is not directed to any one), but think it this way... why would i waste my time with someone lower? i could just create my own movie instead...
You got a point there, but for me it feels your looking too crazy frags, not always unknown=low :P
i know, and i know the players don't worry about this. In fact i've already taken some frags from "unknown" into the movie, they had some really cool material ;)
It's nice to see someone else frags then usual mAus, teKoa etc etc :P (Pick my frag too) :D
follow to-Max- and pick some great frags from unknows :)

btw i have mztik from uk 6 man frag, wanna?
ofc, thank you!

(and Max didn't rly pick any unknown afaik :o )
in requiem unknows were picked
apart from the 3 Australian guys, i don't see any lol
3 guys iz much!:D
give names then :)
go agon :D
Frame Time: 248520150 Round Time: 2:27 Genehtik was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s rifle grenade.
Frame Time: 248522850 Round Time: 2:25 *aLeX* was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248523700 Round Time: 2:24 Noob Etplayah:/ was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248526050 Round Time: 2:21 ownned was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s Luger 9mm.
Frame Time: 248530750 Round Time: 2:17 *aLeX* was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248535550 Round Time: 2:12 Genehtik was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248555550 Round Time: 1:52 Genehtik was exploded by impera BLTZZ:D!'s grenade.
Frame Time: 248556800 Round Time: 1:51 *aLeX* was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s Thompson.
Frame Time: 248560250 Round Time: 1:47 PDESTRUCTOR*CR was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s Thompson.
Frame Time: 248580550 Round Time: 1:27 Noob Etplayah:/ was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s rifle grenade.
Frame Time: 248585500 Round Time: 1:22 Genehtik was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248588500 Round Time: 1:19 PDESTRUCTOR*CR was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248592650 Round Time: 1:15 Noob Etplayah:/ was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s Luger 9mm.
Frame Time: 248611400 Round Time: 0:56 Noob Etplayah:/ was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248617800 Round Time: 0:50 *aLeX* was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s K43.
Frame Time: 248620350 Round Time: 0:47 ownned was killed by impera BLTZZ:D!'s Luger 9mm.

can give u that :)
ec/nc = actions we have seen before.
obviously un-seen actions... i'm asking for nc/ec players, not ec/nc actions obviously....
which are always the same players seen in plenty movies.
shit happens. As i stated previously, for the 1st days i allowed less known players to send me demos. Wanna know what happened? Got alot of demos vs mixs/ low+ players etc etc... I'm not up to this kind of shit tbh... i could use some movie worth frags (every low+ player have had their lucky moments vs good players...), but i didn't get much (got few, using them at movie).

Anyway, what i'm trying to say is: this is my movie (not a community movie by definition), i pick the players and the frags i want. At the other side, i've played lots of nation cups and eurocup, i kinda refuse to be wasting my time with lower quality content.. i could be doing my own movie instead...

As a side note, if you think this is unfair i'm gonna challenge you to create a community movie with every kind of frag and players. Challenge accepted?

Sorry for engrish.
btw, where my demos for any use?
i don't think so, but i can't confirm for sure since i'm not on my desktop and i don't know all frags
pm me :))))
mano, para que fazer fragmovies se um dia vamos morrer e vamos?
you need to do something with the flow, it feels like your on drugs when you watch it and its not something a person wants to do for +1min
bro, para que fazer fragmovies se um dia vamos morrer e vamos?
ja falta pouco, 2012 knock knock
and just listen from Benny Hill main music....
-realy worth to be soundtrack for fails....etc
enough fragmoviematerial in the sage final
Thanks i need to check them, haven't seen the final neither any game today :|
mAus @ supply 8? man kill, Night some nice sniping in bremen attack. And a lot of multikills of mAus
Thanks, i think i will scan the whole tournament tomorrow or something :>
Goodluck ag0n! :)
Thank you ^^,
mAus's 7man vs dignitas in final
thank you, gonna take a look tomorrow!
only 2/3 demos max from mAus also or??????

mAus has way too many good demos to use 3 demos only :f
so my both actions @ supply isnt good enough and dont have a lot of hs??

do u wanna have any frags, that i won't use in my next movie (due to many demos..)
like 6 man kill vs wave, 4man zOMG(with kevin, lio, r1co, emortal, jeti), 5 man vs signum (with isen, potty and co..), 3man uQuk, 3man GAMEd, 6man rY, 3man 4FuN (with s4rna, buzka and so on), and a lot more...
only if you want.. got also demos from mKs, which i won't use bcuz i got around 150 demos and i only will use 40 of them..
1st of all thank you for effort, i've took a look over the other demos you sent me, got 3 or 4 demos ^^

Well, i'm looking for special and very intense moments, could you suggest me the best 3 of those you said? :)

thank you in advance, cheers!
i will take a look tomorrow.. i'm @ my parents home atm..
then i'll send u the demos ;)
You have time :) thank you alot!
no problem, mate ;)
good luck my beloved Portugal ag0n *;
Check NEVO vs Anexis match from SAGE. Also SAGE final included some great frags.
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