CODC - New Video - Fly With Wings

Brand new video from CODC, feat Double D. Check it out below

Like Grime? Check out all of CODC's music below... it's FREE!

The download of the mastered Fly With Wings will be available later tonight @

Big respect!!
The grandpa at last sing better " :D "
Download up now.
Here's a very humoristic video, keep it up!
go to fucking sleep, if you have to wake up early tomorrow. noob
I would my dear internet fellow but the internet makes me so excited I can't leave this damncomputer.
U in the clip bruv?
Nah m8. Will be in when we get HD cam sorted. Still working on manual focus techniques and filters lol.

Plus I don't MC, it's Millsy who uses this account, but he's in prison now lol.
Millsy is the big guy right? :p Ah k cool, let me know when ur in one mate ;)
hey wtf :D

i don' t like =)
i always thought that grime = dubstep + rap?
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