Hide And Seek Cup

Hey crossfire!

i was thinking maybe we could have some kind of hide and seek cup that people could enter. and have a good time, seeing everyone is posting about et and its end maybe this will make a bit of progress.

Or if there is any cups atm involving hide and seek, please link

Thanks for your time.
only if goku hosts it
succesful idea is succesful

image: wink_dog
only if goku hosts it
only if u shut the fuck up in TS :D
how do u want to orginize such thing
avi for this since im the best in hide n seek.
I am better, as long as you don't push me from high buildings into the water!!1122135345636
yea telling me to walk around the map and making me fall.. Ur the best in hs.
that means you are stupid :D
D: hater..............
avi for this since im the better than TROPIC in hide n seek.
is it the 1st of April or smth?
u're so funny

oh wait...
thought the same about you
Hey meight,

Had a word about it in the latest hide&seek news and I'm still thinking of how doing it.
Will post a news item as soon as I'm ready to host it. ;)
Loads of players avi, as long as we think of a way to organize it and make it so hns can be played competitively.
yoyoyoyo twiQz remeber me:) im avi:L0
hello mora! long time no see
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