rifleman avi for LAN+clan

Hello guys,

:x: I'm searching some skilled team for the BYOC LAN Cachovice. I'm 100% avi, cause it's 20 minutes by car for me and here is the question: What do you want more? :D

:x: I'm searching some skilled team for upcoming cups, leagues etc. TOO.

Info: Basic info, ex-clans with lineups, etc. ---> profile

Avi: Sometimes I got nightworks, so I'm not avi 24/7, but got a lot of time for playing :)

Languages: CZE, SVK, GER, ENG, PL

:x: For more info pm me @ IRC #czet, #inteRaction.et (Rifleman or Riflemannn)

:x: Cya and have a nice eve :)
fusenlister 8)
well I guess this time someone will finaly take you :D, hf m8
gl m8 :)
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