Who's making the calls?

Should write it as a column, but dont really have time right now, maybe later.
So.. who does have power to change things? we are constantly being told to get off our asses and do something and theres something I'd like to do, but it seems it's impossible if what I want to do is in conflict with someone even if I'd have the support of community behind my something.

There are 4 steps to a change.

1. Idea - figuring out what needs to changed, added or removed
2. Implementing - finding out how can it practically be adapted as part of the game
3. Support - finding out whether community or selected group is in favor of such changes
4. Change - making it happen, forcing the community to accept the change

1. Idea - can come from anyone.
2. Implementing - requires someone who knows how the game works, how the change might modify it and if it's even practically possible to apply the change
3. Support - It is important to know what the players want but without forgetting human nature and the fact it's most often resisting changes. (Balance of these 2 forces is required)
4. Change - That someone who received the idea, heard how it could be implemented, listened to his supporters (whether they are small group of pro players or whole community or a mix of them) and decided whether or not to go with it based on his support and/or personal opinion as to how the game should be.

So who are these someones? (Mr. Change and his support)

What do they want? (How do they want this game to be played?)

and why? (yeah, why?)

random pic:
image: Hierarchy
And the point of all of it is?
no, change in general. there is a list of things I'd want to change personally but it's not really related to this "column". It's more a pondering upon whether changes are possible and what changes does the people in charge want to have. Tosspot's latest column was asking for ideas as if it's a problem not knowing what needs to be changed. If you or anyone else for that matter believe this is truly the problem, then this wall of text is not really aimed at you.

edit to your edit: all or one or two of them, it doesnt matter.
Now I get it.Thanks for making it clear.
And yes,I agree with your "column".D
Your problem is you lack objectivity, you cannot see past your own issues to read what is in front of you.

Lets be completely honest, until I didn't pay your expenses for a CC event you and I were e-friends (to onlookers reading, I didn't pay them due to other expenses incurred by Decem on my behalf). Until that point, you pretty much tried to push in the Crossfire direction, not blindly, but constructively.

After that point, everything you do on such subjects is blind. You've lost objectivity and you've completely lost the ability to command respect outside of a social circle. I quote your comment in this thread:

"Tosspot's latest column was asking for ideas as if it's a problem not knowing what needs to be changed. If you or anyone else for that matter believe this is truly the problem, then this wall of text is not really aimed at you."

You've taken it upon yourself to question the latest column, not because of the subject matter, you couldn't give a shit, I could write about gay adoption you'd still take offense to it because of your personal distaste for the author. This a column that if you read the article it was clearly looking for matters beyond the format, sure it descended in the comments into a largely format based debate but the variety of opinions on things outside of format proves "not knowing what needs to be changed" is something that effects everyone with people calling for a whole variety of other things to be changed.

Look at your justification in this forum topic, "it seems it's impossible if what I want to do is in conflict with someone even if I'd have the support of community behind my something." Really? Do you believe this? Because it does appear 10 columns later the masses appear to be pushing behind 6on6, People like Kevin have got together and put together a tournament and myself as someone about to run some events for ET has openly asked the community in what direction would they like to go and is one change enough?

Regain your objectivity, your not fighting 'the man' anymore you're just waffling.
I'm glad you had time to reply properly. And I agree, we were e-friends, you had your faults and I had mine, but neither of us had the need to point them out. We could also once again get into the blame game which you started simply out of bias towards me and later used it to undo your promises, but I doubt it would lead us any further this time either. That being said, lets get into the matters at hand.

I've nowhere said anything about the format, which you brought into this discussion so instead of accusing me of lacking objectivity, I'd suggest you have a look in the mirror.
I read your column and I gave you a proper answer regarding your column so it is kinda sad that your whole comment is based on the assumption that I'm talking about the format.

Everyone knows you have power over this community and even doing nothing is doing something. I could list many things that could or maybe even should be changed but it's up to you and "few" other guys whether something gets done about it or not.
It's just ridiculous to say get off your arse and arrange lans and cups as if it's the only thing we are allowed to do. anything regarding how the game is played should be left to 'you guys'

I'd appreciate a reply that isn't lacking objectivity.
If it is about ET you got my support and you could be one of the persons to change something ;)

in general: People do not always resist change, often, but not always, people that are aware of that something needs to be done are quite likely to at least not be against it, not necessarily support it, but at least have a neutral view on it.

the person that really wants to change something, has at least to be EITHER quite charismatic/to offer something intriguing and be able to bring it forth properly OR capable of making things happen by being gifted or talented or what not at something related to the cause(or have such a person as follower in either case), to actually get supporters for about anything.
(well, or be ruthless and capable of bring forth reasonable threats and maybe even carry them out, but lets leave that out for now^^)

sometimes you do not really get to implement something without already changing it entirely imo, so that takes about the same person as for the change imo.

well, why would you change something? because you belive that it is profitable to you afterwards, plain as that.

as stated above - if you actually talk about changing ET I'd certainly support you, because a) our interest in the game is kinda simmilar and b) because i like your dragons :D
yeah, it's about ET, didn't even consider someone might think otherwise, maybe I should've :D
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people resist changes and obviously exceptations to the rule occur. say 70% don't want certain thing changed, there's always those who are willing to change or stand neutral, but that just proves that the rule has it's place rightfully so.

I might have chosen the wording wrong for 2. Implementing. I meant more in terms of possibility of implementing, not the actual process as it's the last one to happen, change.

yes, change in order to gain. to be more specific about my question, what's there to gain and is it possible to set community as the 'gainer' ?

Postin on cf so I am talking of the game, but as you know, this could be applied on a wider scale also :)

And who doesnt like dragons? except for maybe griffins and some wizards who lost their pointy hats or grey beards, I'm not mentioning those who got completely incinerated as they probably don't have any opinions anymore.
Quote by Decemno, change in general.
AT first i thought it was aimed at ET^^

ok well erm... sure you can put the community as 'gainer' if thats in the persons/groups interest.

to WHAT can be done, I'm not really much of a creative mind, but I'm not very optimistic that the game itself can really be saved, but at least the time remaining could be made more enjoyable. since FPS are not very much favored anymore we have a factor we cabn not do much about, since we're all no marketing geniouses neitehr do we have the resources to influence a major part of todays gamers :)
(and to be fair, i have to admit that i do not like a big part of todays younger gamers, because quite some of them lack manners)

as to what we can do to make it more enjoyable? i certainly miss the old times, but 6o6 won't bring those back, but maybe a part of it? i don't know, but am ok with it.
to attract more players we'd certainly need to make it more accessable to new players, agree with a lot of people there. installing and manually patching and manually writing configs and isntalling an AC and so on is quite likely the pain for newcomers. so the install client should really install everything, and if you need an account for something(such as TZAC) you shouldn't have to visit a site but just enter those data in the install process imo.
I'm not sure if the server browser is still ok or not, not really been using it for quite some time :X
advertising cf might also be a part of it (since it really seems to be the central meeting point for ETpro players, at least i can more or less find all players i play(ed) against on this site most of the times), but that i leave to Tosspot.
lol, meant change in general while still working within the realm of ET :D
forgot this nice quote from my earlier reply so I'll post it on this one;

"Changes happen when we go against everything we're used to doing."

(and imo there is some thruth in that, maybe you should go tell our politicians at times xD)
PS: implemented is the right word, as something 'different' gets implemented in a whole system but not replacing something different, changing something imo requires altering something, so maybe also replacing something former^^
somehow you assumed I'm dreaming of saving the game while that's not the case.
It's more like giving LSD to someone who's about to die anyway, why suffer when you can feel bliss!
thats what i meant (i wrote the "we can not save ET" part more to the public rather than you), didn't take you for a dreamy person when it comes down to such trivial topics :P
(re-)introduce 6v6 - done

introduce new maps - partially happened

force new maps (yeah even for the so called"highskillers")

establish a committee - a couple of people intelligent enough to propose thought-through changes (not something like the supply east jump thingy)

supporters - people that have the ressources (server guys) or the time (supervisors/refs) that can help the committee to make changes happen or at least put them to the test

with the downfall of CB's EuroCup we either have to make premiere league more interesting (to make it a real alternative to EC) or establish a new league (Crossfire Star League), which i would like to see have stricter rules than EC (not inviting hummels team the 35237592375923rd time even if it folded nearly EVERY time before during the cup or allowing players to switch teams just like they want) - make a big hype about it; like in the end make a showmatch of the best 12 players, crowning MVP, MUP and best rookie of the season or make a cup and the winning team is allowed to play the winner in a big "show event" with interviews about the past/upcoming season.

revive the ladder(s) - set up a ladder that gets resetted with every season, make stricter rules (not like in CB now - one player playing for 5teams in 2days during 7matches) and place one gets a high seed for the new established eurocup (IF they accomplished to play with no more than 11 (6players, 2backups, 3switches) different players during the whole ladder-season).

make GTV more exclusive again - kick out that "low" matches (inb4 flame, im low too :)) from the frontpage (or put a link to "view all matches played today")
you share lots of ideas with me and there are plenty of ideas floating everywhere, which goes on to prove we are capable of changing things if we really want to.

Your suggestion about the committee would naturally be the next phase as to where I'm going with this, 'thought-through' being really the keyword here. This kind of shares the same concept but in much larger scale: http://www.mathaba.net/news/?x=627098%3Frss

for anyone still asking, comments like yours are the reason I wrote this in the first place, simply thought provoke.
I'd actually welcome a CF more than trying to revive them on different sites. why not use one site for everything, if we're "already at it" ;)
And the point of all of it is?
Thought provoke.
Quote3. Support - It is important to know what the players want but without forgetting human nature and the fact it's most often resisting changes. (Balance of these 2 forces is required)

I find that probably about 50%-60% of the reasons people dont like 5on5 are just the change from 6on6 and human nature resisting it. 5on5 has proven itself to have exciting gameplay online/offline, and i cant really see a problem with sticking with it, i cant see 6on6 heralding a new revival of ET for any good length of time
dont take it as flame but please show me the "exciting gameplay online/offline". and 6on6 will not bring a new dawn to et but at least it will make it a better game itself again (IMO).
How about the lan finals, Matias @ Frostbite? Just one example
that's just a highly false statement and you should be able to find people who prefer 5on5 over 6on6 to agree with me on that. Most people consider 6on6 was THE format while some may prefer 5on5 for various other reasons.
tl;dr, but this picture is very interesting.
This post is incredibly vague and I'd ask what the point is, but you replied to an above poster with 'Thought provoking'

There's more than enough 'thought provoking' content on Crossfire in the last 2 weeks.
However this ain't the usual cup of tea, wouldn't you agree?
If you read some of my other comments also, you might grasp the thoughts I wanted to provoke.
for example one thing to cross my mind is, what else can us, 'the common folk' do but arrange cups? Suggest ideas obviously, but to who and what does it require for an idea to 'pass' ?
I guess I shouldve just asked you whats your definition for thought provoking as you dont seem to enjoy being provoked into thinking.
TosspoT has the power to change things.. I just dont know why.
cause he know that the top teams would follow his idea if there are more tournaments and prices. if this teams follow him the rest will do it as well.... like always.
The community has the power. You can force anything you want, but you cant force people to play it.
I make the calls ingame :s
de super kan beter trolle zalle :p
sigh... sounds like a barack obama broken record
im working on the idea part atm

(planning to do surveys, analyze them etc...)

but this will take some time !
vitu hyvä!
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