homie avi 6v6

after seeing the new cb mappool and possibility for 6v6 i decided to start playing et actively.

From BelgiumBruges
I'm 19 years old
I speak dutch (w/ a west flemish accent tho :D), english, german & french
Med skilled on ET (higher on RTCW)
Playing since may 2005
Active during week
can play any class except rifle
can adapt quickly
dnb & dubstep head
nice guy

my achievements:
3rd in rtcw cup 4 w/ indomitus
won a rtcw wl season in alpha league with #1
pretty good trickjumper
made some rtcw maps

team for upcoming cb oc season
prefer belgian team (with ppl who speak flemish)
6v6 team
serious when playing but also in for a good laugh :)
no whiners pls

reply here
pm me