Kraguesh avi #2

Hello cf :D (2 times) !

After 1 year of mix, i'm looking for a cool & stable team (5o5/6o6).

Me :

- 19
- France :{D
- speak fr, eng (but to be honest, i'm shy because my english is just basic. It's enough to play/match but I got hard time to try to be funny), and "un poco espanol".
- clean
- have ts, mumble...
- serious & cool & mature
- medic & cover in first, but i can play eng.
- avi when you need :D, often
- med/+ (it mean i can play med/med+ easly)
- ex team on my profil
- avi lan ? idk
- precision & advantage : medic reviver with tp, good aim, and goodgood in TJ

You :

- mature & cool
- stable team (Lu & others)
- pref France but Europe too
- handle med/med+

Contact (or for info) :
pm me on cf
xfire : kraguesh, #gamefrog /Q Kraguesh

Old french singer :o

Thx & cheers.
almost my fan channel on irc :D
Haha xDD, but this is a ex-team ^^
we are not kanker soz :-D
gl mate xoxo
gl krag!
gl m8 i want u get a nice team
gl espece de milf
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