walle needs mg42


since the new jaymod era of random maps and MG's we're looking for skillfull MG-player to fill up our ranks for all leagues etc. . Prefer you to be finnish but as you can play that unskilled lame class only we accept requests from other countries also. If you're not finnish you will be not getting into our comms though. If you're a jaymod pubber we will be free to watch your MGing on public to serve as a trial-test for the joining. No further clan history or etpro history is required. Only effort you need to do is to be aware of current MG42 spots etc with watching replays of other clans. Also you'd need to be able to report them to us so we can efficiently take em down. We'll be doing ALL other important actions and actually winning the games so you're able to play your class as you see it fit. Practise-times will be finalised later. Contact with CF PM.
decent troll, 7/10
avi! pm me
/q evirdrevo
omg its walle I am avi
twidi is the man !
and playing mg can be so much fun, whys he hating on it though?
(since it's mostly real easy to be taken out by rifle or multiple targets -.-)
I still remember you playing mg @ goldrush :D!
Hukk :)
a solid 8/10
too bad he already gayme for us /XDDDDDDDDDD
MG is a piece of shit. Removed for a reason.
avi, have good positions with mg, switching everytime,

have good panzer, always x1 to let oppo whine

skilled burning flamer ( related song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb4Q-2TueEM )

ofc i have the mortar skill to be the annoying guy

first eight words exactly wrote down my feelings about the happening, but mg42 is fun :-)
Contact oldschool superstar pumu, deadly with the mg.
9/10 gj
MG... so annoying -.-
if squad doesnt want me, im avi (and i am into finnish comms hähäääh)
bad troll bad
Please take me! I am good admin on my jaymod server and I can double jump over the oasis wall. Please I will spwankill only if its allowed. So please msg me, or where do I apply?
dear walle, such posts tarnish the image of RAAB multigaming. quit whining!
T: yLin johtoPoRRas
just remove the mg already..
+ fucking 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
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