Ethr avi for trial tonight

Yes that's right i'm avi to trial with your team tonight :)

find me at #normality or /q ethr

i'm going to be online from 7:00pm UK Time.

Im looking for:
- EU 6on6 team
- to have fun but also with some competitiveness
- some mature guys (no kids please)

I offer:
- experience, a level of maturity etc...
- server (maybe)

Recently I've been playing as a bit of a SMG multi-classer but I can play rifle well if needed. Just give me a couple of games to learn the positions/role you want me to play.


- Josh
Good luck, your post looks nice atleast
gl :) Normality rebuild for 6o6 !!!
might have to :p
gL nice lad x)
gl seemed like a nice guy when he mixed with us :)
he really is :) gl Josh
Hi2u Rafek !
how are you, bro?! :D
<3 thanks rafek! how are you? :D
I'm fine, having much school work, though. But I kinda enjoy it, and whenever I have some free time, I just relax and live my life!
still making out with the dog rafek? :D
I've made my dog drunk recently. I been with my mates out and my dog went outside, so I was like hey, let's give him some beer. He was drinking it like it was his home-drink. Oh, I have to add that he's 11 years old, already. It turned out that he was having a "smile" on his face and he was running in circles on my driveway. On the other hand, he ate like 3-4 apples while usually he eats max 2 per day :o) I had to bring him home. Another day, when he woke up, he was just moving his tail around when he saw me.
haha u devil
that's one thing which is nice about having a job -> no homework :D
gl ethr !
Good luck mate! Any team would be lucky to have him, nice relaxed bloke.
good luck... nice guy
Joshieeeeee! TAKE HIM!
gl mate!
thanks mate <3 what are you up to these days?
not much man! maybe ill start playing ET again soon!
but mainly focusing on school and football!
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