glitz need 2 for 6on6

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Hi, since GoldoraK was nice enough to let usEstonia glitz play this season of the OpenCup we are now looking for three members for our 6on6 team. We are playing in Premier league and group C.
We Estonia glitz need an smg player who can play fops and a medic and a reviving medic.

We need you to be able to -

x kill med+ oppos in 1on1 situations
x revive when you are asked to
x play smart, NO FULLS.
x be active (3 times a week Sunday, Monday, Thursday)
x stay stable (no hoppers after better offers)
x BE EXPERIENCED (only pm if you have played OC Prem or even EC before)

We will in return offer you -
x A decent lineup
x a good clan experience
x activity in OC, Ladders and other competitions
x a chance to represent a good name

Estonia x3NJa c
Estonia D0PPL3R
Netherlands Artifexx
Finland Metsuri
Europe you?
Europe you?

Estonia mAnki bup
Estonia LudA bup
Estonia mant bup
Germany ScaTmaN bup

Tryouts Sunday, 20.00 CET or a bit later - query glitz´x3NJa at #glitz or PM me here.

also if someone from the 3on3 OC wants to drop out (any league) then we would be more than happy to take your place, we reached 4th in Premier last season so i think we deserve a spot

Gl kutid
gl arti PAK ZE
i bet you play with a different lineup in every group game
why so? played with a stable lineup the past two seasons.
can't recall that current lineup from the past :P
well the players have changed but glitz has always had a stable lineup for OC matches.

The current lineup has all played in glitz at some period of time so I think things will work out.
not trying to take anything away from you guys though, gl, can probably play a couple of ladder games or some shit before it starts
yup, + our first OC match starts from match week 2 so we have some time to complete the lineup.
-revive when you are asked to

Otherwise don't do it?
does our need to revive when asked exclude reviving at all times? no.
it's meant for the type of players who go 1on1 with low hp instead of reviving a teammate or run to deal hardcore damage instead of reviving. we already have our damagewhores, we need objective oriented players who don't care about damage too much.
Oh in that case take me
in that case, take casek
in that case, take me. im very good at dealing low damage
gl guys

get luda main lu :)
can't, he's working at Finland and can't play actively.
I goddamn knew that carbage-picker looked familiar.
stay stable (no hoppers after better offers)

If he really would get a better offer, why he shouldnt go?:)

gl guyz
doppler pwner
n1 GL! welcome back doppler!
gl arti, gl progamer
afaik no one of you ever played oc premier before. and without ur eesti backups you would not have got a spot in premier.

gl tho
And where is that information coming from?
Reality maybe. Why is the prescure so high? On this moment is ET not active more what it was. So just recruite some nice mature guy :-) With a skill that can get only better :=]
Well then he lives in a strange world since that's not reality.

The pressure isn't high, just not considering someone who isn't experienced enough. We have high goals, if you want to join us you need to be able to achieve them.
OFC, but if you want a 6on6 on what channel? I searched on and I saw nobody searching wtf :P
im not living in a strange world, besides you consider reality as strange. i know you guys have high goals, but to achieve them you need guys to carry you, since you (not talking about ur other mates - i cant judge them) arent close to what you want be become atm. its no insulting, and i dont intend to insult the few of the left highly motivated players in this game, but it is how it is. and i wished you goodluck for finding decent players to come closer to your goals.
also if you need players, you would read forums more often and check if people are currently searching for a team, getting them for tryout games or w/e else. still gl :-)
gl metsuri
gl x3nja mate :D
what if i can kill med+ opponents in 1on3 situations? ;O? ;OOOOO?
it basically means ur a sh1tty unhit fag
avi as reviving medic
im a brainer and medskill aimer.... but med+ in gamesense

pm if interested
take me
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