cymky avi

Hi im searching team:
About me:
-around med skill (teamplayer)
-able to speak english/polish
-able to play 3 times peer week

About you:
-skilled stable team (no 2 weeks projects)

gl mate!
wieczny cless
gl mate :-)
gl cymkowsky
gl one of the few polaks that I don't dislike
gl i pozdro!
gl friend
New team Amnesty is recruiting. We will play at ESL and Clanbase 3v3, 5v5, 6v6. Lineup: Sklamak (med), Bravo (med-), Broty (med-), Rauz (med-), adrenaline (low+). If you want to join contact me there or IRC quakenet, channel: #czet nick adrenaline
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