Snatix avi

Yo, i'd like to find some guys to play some 2on2 / 3on3 quite regulary
After the inactivity of NetherlandsLatency and some problem, i'd like to find a team who's playing in the CB / ESL ladders and next cups who are comming

I'm from France, can speak fluent english i think

My skill is a bit higher than med i think
If i know someone in the team, would be a big plus
You should be able to compete at a decent level
Be motivated ingame and want to improve
Be active

Think i said everything, ask me if you want to know more

Contact here or `Snatix

image: Ana_Hickman_020
gl monsieur fearless assasin :d
best of luck mate :)
good luck ;) nice player

im avi to play 2on2's with yaaa
stable med, goodluck papii :)
gl papiiiboy!
gl owner
you forgot to add: I'm an arrogant brain damaged faggot, who calls people, that I don't even really know, or dislike for no reason, retards, i think.
so true, also he's never med skilled.
Are these pliers sharp? delinQ :3 Snatix 10 deaths without fragging
Killing Spree decerto / Hennessy 14 frags without being killed

hmm, lets think now... hmm i think its the team that carried ur low ass?
Well you got 11928 DG and 13357 DR while i get 11058 DG and 12271 DR. You gave like 900 more damages than me while i was playing 2nd engi and you were playing rambo medic?? :D Also we can play a 3on3 anytime you want, i don't really know why you're hating, but if you wanna act like you're superior or something, let's play some game vs each other
once again you prove the fact that you know nothing about ET, anyways i admit that was one of my worst performances ever, but you always perform bad, and you asked me on gamestv, why am i hating ? don't you remember flaming me randomly like a year ago or something? maybe less. might be the reason.
? Your arguments are full of shit dude, you're the first one talking about Kills / Deaths and then you're saying that i don't have a clue about the game? Mind fuck?

Well don't really care what you think anyway :p even tho i lost some time answering to you
and what exactly makes u believe, that you are any better than he is? and he surely has a point if your dmg is just 900 above his, followed by receiving even more then 1100 damage than he did.. while he was the victim as engi and u werent - maybe you should get some knowledge about ET.
read our sentences again and stfu nazi
and now im supposed to notice what? u had ur shittiest et day ever, snatix, the new stray, getting carried by his other teammates. and if you would have a normal day u prolly facerolled all of us with ease... anything i forgot?
oh yeah ur still sort of mad, because he RANDOM flamed you a YEAR AGO, how nerdy u have to be to even remember such a nonsense for such a long time?
alone by 'arguing' with idiotic stereotypes u proofed yourself to be unable to discuss without insulting people u dont even know. poor kid.
Quotesnatix, the new stray

Now that was rude :(
just following his logic
On est d'accord, c'est toi qu'a le plus beau zboub!
Exactemement!! :D
ur not even med skilled when i have played against u so why dont u stfu?
your words to papi or the whole crossfires words to you? :X
gl mate!!
"My skill is a bit higher than med i think"

Pretty ironic comming from you :)
"My skill is a bit higher than med i think"-NO->NEVER

.. be fair, because some guys can interpret this as a lie
You're not really well placed to judge anyone :)
when you are med or higher than i am your ET be optimist is fine, to overestimate is also fine->but just for you..:)
cmon.. you ain't any higher then med...
tbh, that is a pretty honest self-evaluation.
I'm quiet sure he's better than you.
Dat zeg ik toch ook niet man..leer lezen

Ik zeg dat hij totaal geen med is.
Waarom zou jij überhaupt hier posten. Je hebt duidelijk nooit met hem gespeeld en daarnaast heb jij altijd gecheat en kom je nu lullen over iets waar je geen reet van af weet. Jammer!
gecheat? :D

en ik heb wel TEGEN hem gespeeld en hij werd bijna gerolled door een low (ik dus)
Francis & nicon & Hukk
thought you forgave him :S
Here's teh story bro :

e-friends -> backstab -> forgiven -> e-friends -> removed me from his buddylist = backstab
I removed him, too, but don't consider it as a backstab :o I just preferred a short buddylist, maybe so does he?
gl snatixm8! <3
thx olgam8<3 let's play sometimes :(
ofc man, we should play more :(
:D sure m8 anytime :p and thx for gl
gl snatix
good player, must have!
no gl because you are calling people!
gl nub :) <3
gl papi
gl négro
GL Tangay <3
oh no, sux that I don't have a playable computer :<

gl snatix man :)
i'm from france and speak fluent english, STOP LYING
thanks m8! Are you still playing ET?
in army atm :E
:( when you'll be back?
in 7 months
gl, cool frenchie :)
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