Devastation needs 3rd


we need a 3rd for the final of 3on3 of the 3rd division (: be avi tomorrow 20:30 CET
Since PolandKirej has to visit his grandma or w/e lame excuse

Know me or Norway Domi and be around Kirej-skill - you just have to play medic i guess

/q dev`Rockskin #devastation
make it earlier & i'll play. i want a pocal you know.
its already set but if you're serious we can try to set it earlier
sounds like a job for Finland BossHK or Finland Swanidibiminious
What about if we could change the match date for some other day/time
come on irc and /q dev`Rockskin
kom irc dan , anders troll je me :@
ok I lied :(
avi if can set it to 19:00 CET ;)
sounds like a job for weslann or bossHK
and why no lazio or otyg?
there never here sunday and kirej only knew on short notice he had to go
maar goodluck he ;D jullie winnen wel :D al spelen jullie met een low gaan jullie nog winnen hhahha :')
cool so you can search players to play for you 1 day before the final :D

Z needs 3 uber awesome 3o3 players for the final
can only add one player i think :PP but we already talked and play whenever you guys want so sunday with merc or monday without - or other date when we both can
avi if admin allow me
when is ur offi bra ?
team carrier can play if it's not too early
avi if we can play in the mornings
Know me or Domi

Could play let me know if u need /q FGH`Halidith or pm
sounds like a job for a obj player like me :D /avi
I can, if sucking big time is no problem for you :-)
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