Yo! Avi due to the inactivity of SpaindelinQ after winning OC 2nd div :-)
Had great time there but i think it's time to search for another team

18 yo
A bit higher than med i think
Can play engi SMG or medic, fop if really needed
Don't care if you're a new project
Better if i know some of you
Would like to play in a motivated team, with motivated players who want to improve
Want to play with people focusing in the teamplay, don't really wanna play with 4 rambos and 2 engis
Guys able to talk ingame and giving usefull comms

image: 0414AITHPodcast2
gl m8!!!!!
gl m7!!!!!
gl pappi <3
Gl friend :)
gl homo :)
gl papi, always fun to play against u :D
GL :{D
Mon 5 Dec 11, 20:43
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forever alone
gl le tennisman
wish you gl smadix :d
you forgot to add: I'm an arrogant brain damaged faggot, who calls people, that I don't even really know, or dislike for no reason, retards
Quote by kALLIme :

very reliable player

why would that point be wrong
forgot to add, i backstabbed MarseilleLeFrancis twice and removed him from my bodylist
oh boy, what a mirror of yourself :D
wtf is ur problem? I think you dont know papi then..

anyway look at yourself
GL Snatpiks! :D
gl m8 <3
gl tanguy
gl, good guy :)
watch out for his alter ego (sMADix) :D! gl m8
Skilled player good luck le man=)
I heard vatu is recruiting

gl les papi
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