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We want to support you

As the Enemy Territory community is getting smaller, our management Germany gungy wants to let another team (or maybe two) come into our clan. We all love this game and want to support it with all our ways. Well, if you're interested take a look at our conditions. We do repost that to ensure we reach as much teams as possible, if you contacted us before please do so again in irc or at our homepage (see below)

If you are interested idle in our irc-channel and register at our homepage businessdistrict

what we expect:
  • no 2 weeks Project
  • stable
  • you are reliable
  • you are actively in cups and ladders
  • you use our website
  • somehow skilled
  • matureness
  • nice people
  • you play with BD tag

what we offer:
  • nice atmosphere
  • a lot of fun
  • warserver and a TS3 ( yes we love TS3 )
  • matureness
  • psychological help ( you'll need it if you join )
  • Website

Our ts is always full with people like this:

For further information pm Germany gungy or Germany kNocHe in or here

Thx for your attention and have a nice day

Hope to see you soon in

Fucking gungy bro
you should support tz4c
thats a good idea...maybe bd-ac would be our way to EC
u so crazy smart guy hehe :P:P:P
What is the matter people, normally you see "need sponsor, server, voice, etc" every day, now nobody is interested.

Is it because of the whole Germany-thingie? You racistic scum...
I am our mexican war arranger, somebody should mention that
Yes, you're drinking tequila like one of those. :D
I said follow is interested :/
The whole team should register at our homepage! This shows us that you really want it.
I am registered!
We are rebuilding the team atm, don't have the lu complete yet+although bd is pretty awesome we might want to keep our name and will just buy a server or try to get our old sponsor back+we are very skilled, but maybe not skilled enough; I will know more this or next week.
We are not looking for high-skilled team. You can also play with your tag. Condition would attach only at the end # For Example " follow^nicon ". But without a complete team, it probably has no sense.
Parent professional hardcore addicted gayming eSport team since 2008 has a serious meeting on TeampSpeak3 software channel tonight. We'll discuss about our future line up and eventual support.
As MarseilleColonel LeFrancis I have nothing against a tag lookin like follow - Corporal Nicon BD.
If we need your support we'll send you our Chief of communication United KingdomJoe to fill your contracts.
How many players you have at the moment?
4 SURE + have an idea about 2 more but will be sure tonight
we've played together last summer season already and managed to bring some pocalz for teh info
better get me in your team!
I'm german, I can pwn polaks, french, africans+some others and only get pwnd by Russians and British (if they are supported by Americans!)
the contracts should be back in the hour
support tzac
i dont think chaplja gives a fuck about :

nice atmosphere
a lot of fun
warserver and a TS3 ( yes we love TS3 )
psychological help ( you'll need it if you join )
oh no uDevil
OMGGGG i has a team we are high
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