Devastation need 6th

We are looking for a skilled smg to replace Netherlands Stib because he isn't motivated to play ET anymore :(. Also, we could use a guy who can play with us for a week or 2 untill Gifted is avi :)

Netherlands Otyg
Netherlands Rockskin
Norway Domi / Belgium Gifted
Poland Kirej
France Tomoyo
Europe You?

Belgium Lazio
Netherlands Thunder
Netherlands stib
Norway Zodiac

About you:
» skilled medic smg
» be in for a joke
» decent english + good comms (don't be shy)
» don't be a retard
» knowing you is a plus
» experienced

About us:
» got ts3 server, gameserver and BNC's
» praccing around 2/3 times a week - normally monday, (wednesday), thursday
» participating in cups, CB ladder and ESL WL
» fun guys, always up for a mix or 3o3

Try-outs will be tonight[/u]

PM dev`Otyg @ #devastation (idle <3) or on CF

image: 6955_devlogo
medskilled aimer and med+ brainer (gamesense etc) avi :>
still gl!
eddo will be avi soon as "Just" almost exists 2 weeks
ho ho ho

random hate
gl Otyg
Domi / Gifted
gl all! but Netherlands stib stop being a bitch
bash domi
gl steenhuid
GL cockring!!
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