rtcw cup

Im sorry for the late topic, but crossfire staff has removed my posting rights for a month, since i post "Useless shit on crossfire" well ok, everyone is in tilted to their own opinion.

Ok so, we @ cewege gaming http://www.cwg-gaming.com are thinking about hosting a cup fro RTCW for all the true rtcw fans out there!

we would host servers just for you so you could play it!

There are no dates just yet, this post is just to see how much of you ppl would be interested in playing a RTCW cup

dont know about the format, but i think 3on3 would be the best thing to host?
dont mind hosting a 6on6 cup also :>


would be nice if one of the admins would "Stick" this so everyone could sea/play it
i am looking for players who are interested in playing rtcw cup
i would play it
would be nice and i would obv play this if i find team/players..
next time add your cup in cups section: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=cups&mode=add
it does not belong in the cup section
would this be a onedaycup or a cup spread over several weeks?
idk, looks like it wont happen :D - no1 interested

my last cup i ran :) 10 teams, i wouldnt call that not interested. besides im pretty sure i could have gotten 16 teams if i announced it earlier..
how to setup a server, so everyone can use it (without cd key) ? :P
i wouldnt mind some rtcw
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