hi, take me.

I took a rather big break break from ET and I have only played a couple of games since then.
I am available as a main line-up player for both 3o3 and 6o6. Not available at party O'clock but okay with hangoverday.
Cataloniauniqe also mentioned he wouldn't mind playing again. So If he survived his euro-trip, he'd be able to play some too.
more on him here

Quote by [bme:[/b]]speaking Netherlands/United Kingdom
I play fieldops, but i could try rifle if you're not so very goot
20 years old
some exclans in profile
From what ive played, I'd like to think I can at least still compete with today's med.

Quote by [byou[/b]]be at least a bit mature
have a sense of humor
be not somehow, learn the difference crossfire! active

Quote by [bcontact[/b]]I haven't bothered with installing irc yet, so you can contact me trough:
xfire: keviink
or by you can contact me by pm here

random ass[/b]]image: carol-seleme-daniel
random song[/b]]

P.S. there are way too many stickies.
nice ass, good luck
Wasn´t you busted in COD4 or smth like this?

GL ;)
Somebody was just using his CB account for COD4.
sharing account = ban (bust)
yes, i have shared my cb account with a cod4 player when i had quit gaming, this is quite some time ago. what does this have to do with me searching a nice casual ET clan?

i did not cheat and i am no longer banned
now get out of my thread, punk.
I was just asking. I wish you gl, cause i know that you don´t cheating :)
It was too hard for him to make his own account?
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Good luck
gl dual ;)
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