Lost Soldiers need one

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We search for a stable and active 6th for ESL Winterleague and future cups & ladders!
we need a medic/fop with good aim -> dmgdealer (or an awesome engi smg as second choice)
  • Skill: med+ prefer players who played already ocprem or higher
  • be mature, 18+ would fit perfectly
  • Avi 3 days per week (atm only wed/sun) from 20 cet to ~ 23 cet

Our lineup:

Germany laNgo
Belgium Buzzer
Germany caTchEr
Netherlands Artifexx
Italy vj7o
Europe YOU?!!

Germany Bio

Slovenia sLy
Australia rAKJI

pm here or idle #ls.et

tryouts will be tomorrow at 20cet

Thanks for your attention!!

Good luck!! :) :P
gl lost gl catcher :)
gl mates :)
gl catcher
lineup looks a bit different from the last time i played :U
gl m8s :)

<3 VJTO (noobs still think you cheat :DD)
h3h3h3 i know :D
good luck archenemies!
gl daniel!
GL Ton!
Bio for main lineup
gl m8s :)
Gl catcher <3
I heard he wants u to play with us.
tru dat :D

<3 stKz :D
i will play with you, i just don't think i can be on 3 nights a week :/
gl guys!
Gl my mates! Best Clan ever :)

Ps: hottest Girl from Be!!
Haha :D I'm sexy and I know it!
Take me :D
Germany lagg3r

ps: gl <3
gl dudes :)
hf boys, shouldnt be too hard!
gl langonic und catcher ;)
y u no lineup?
here i am!
uhahahahahaha buzzer !!! :D
next time its you bro!
Nuououo! :D
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