Missile B4

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Hello CF community,

With Missile becoming a more "steady" map for the mappool, eiM and I have decided to make a new beta for the community, as we believe there are still things to change. We've had some great feedback already concerning the map and we hope you can help us.

If you have any comments or feedback regarding changes in the map, feel free to tell them here and we can take them into account. Please refrain from asking absurd changes that would change the entire map. We don't have the time to rework the entire map anymore.

Changes could include: New small areas, bug fixes, Spawn changes, script changes and so on..

Plans so far:

- Bugfixes
- Ammo and health cabinets image: shot0003k
- Rework dropbox area in last stage
- Hopefully change script issues

Let's make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Germany eiM and Netherlands xeoxis
no changes D:
the doors open too slow when u transmit objective
Opening faster would mean some instant lose if you ask me
We did this to prevent final stage domination. If you capture the docs on the right spawntime, axis will still spawn at 2nd spawn and allies will spawn there as well. If doors open immediatly, then axis have no time to return to the 3rd stage, so we gave it some delay. But we'll look into it.
if they spawn there (happens a lot) they still barely have time to go there because doors in spawn open slowly too
guess you're right, haven't really played the map a lot, just found it annoying when it happened :)
yea touching on what robert said - if you spawn as axis at the spawn while they're capturing there's a glitch where the axis team door kinda flickers before you are able to use it, I'm sure you're aware of this, but it's annoying to open the door and not be able to get through right away as axis
make it so 1 eng can make the obj, real pain to get 2 engs in a fucking middle there with all the crossfire
that shows the difference between good and great teams :po
nah that's a bad idear since the truck is very close to the pickup place for obj
The truck shouldn't be that close to obj. Window at first axis spawn should be larger.
yeah sure, make it even more easier for the axis last part...
thats just a bad idea since its quite easy for axis to dominate that stage now already, moving the truck away would mean its getting even more difficult for the allied team to transmit the documents.
you should have mentioned that in your initial post!
Was writting on my mobile phone...
why the hell do you want to put ammo & health there? don't think that's going to make the map any better
indeed gonna end up in one hell of a camping session on whoever gets set up there first :|
It's not been done yet, if it doesn't work, we won't put it in. The idea was that axis now have the possibility to defend in a different way. Instead of just sitting behind the missile camping, they can now go more to the front. Then again, it's an advantage for allies as they have more survivability. I think some well placed grenades can prevent them from endless camp.
The brainless damagehunters (50% of the community) will enjoy that though
I will enjoy that Boss. :-) <3
Inderdaad helemaal kansloos als Axis zijnde, om daar te defenden :(
create another good map for the competition :(

radar adler sd2 missle gold bremen arent enough , try to work on maps like in the past had potential like dubrovnik or some map which got play for 1 season in the ESL SummerCup 2009... something with a plane as final obj u had to secure there... enoyable map imo!

The project pirates and co were shit! :/

you do nice job guy keep it on!
cant really remember about the name anymore :X
Secret weapon I think!
YEEEEEEEEEES! sos ! :D really liked the map!
would like to see sos coming back
i love flying in that plane:D
Tell me about it :D Fucking epic map! I tell you a map which would be perfect for competitive, v2_base.
I can remember that getting into the base of axis in last stage was really hard.
people create nice map is just that some people cant appreciate it
let's play mp_assault, te_escape2 or te_Ufo in 6on6 or maps like that.
et_village would be nice to play :)
all rtcw maps are great :)
well the Most "new school" players will hate them cause they Don't know them like they know sd and grush :)
karsiah is a great map do not understand why people do not like to play it
do you mean this one? :)

image: pd3kirqomb9
image: 18fxqmsjdln
image: cecm7f8q5dcv
release it ;)
beta-testing starts soon, if someone wants to play the beta -> pmme or join #Library.et
The health ammo idea is useless and unneeded
only thing i can think of is the fucking door in axis spawn (2nd stage)

if you try to open that when they cap the obj, another door comes up out of nowhere and traps you in the spawn
ye only noticed that the other day when it happened to me. annoying.
they may aswell of put "oh hey, enjoy full bitch" on the fucker
We'll write it on the door, thanks for telling :)
i seriously hope you do
I really think if you just chopped up bits of the map to make it a bit more compact it might make it better! Yea sure it might be a bit more spammy but then again to counter that you could make the corridors / rooms in general much bigger so that the spam is much easier to stick away from if a team decides they're going to just sit there and be super gay!

If you made the last stage smaller at least that would be a massive improvement. Or make the objective more central so that both teams have an even playing field instead of the axis having such a massive advantage :)

Hope you take this as a helpful comment not flame by the way I'm just trying to help :D
well, i think that the map being too large and stuff is afalse statement, because the map goes downwards so the allies have great push possibilities,(unless you cant jump for shit)
downhill doesnt do anything because you cant jump fast when you're getting pounded by 6 smg's as soon as they respawn ;)
true,but i think thats the great part of the map, since you have to time when to jump in with objective and construct the controlls, aswell as plant the main door- capturing the flag
Health and ammo idea is good, making it easier for allies, but I think there is no improvement that needs to be done.

I dont see what the big advantage for axis is at last stage, if allies are good enough they can kill the axis, simple as.

The only thing I would fix is the last stage where axis can take an MG and prone on the box above controls, its kind of bugged to hit him, but thats about it!
It's not bugged you can stop him from the cave, n fucking p bruv

explain please, havent played since it changed to lame 6on6 and mobile :D
In the hole (broken wall etc) last stage there are small boxes where u can prone on
What Boss said

The last stage when you come through tunnel, the axis have a exit to the right, like the broken wall? Looking like its been blown with explosives or something, but theres boxes in that on both sides I think.

I'll take screenshots in a minute and post them here

image: shot0000gf
Here is the box where the mg can be on, its kind of bugged and I think he can reach tunnel from there when you can hardly see him.

image: shot0001ow
This is from the axis POV, but at the bottom right you see the box I mentioned, and across there is a tall broken sort of fence, which I THINK they can jump on and use mg, which is equally as bugged for the other side to shoot from (opposite tunnel)

image: shot0002ro
That is the fence from the other side, when the mg is on there you can just about see him but his hitboxes are polak'd
please not the ammos there
one more way (a bit covered) to go down on the last stage axis side would be lovely. For example changing the box below the hole in the wall to a bunker or something similar :)
change it that it only takes 1 engi to construct it, or let the construction spot be faced to the down direction where the allies come from so that they have more cover, from the hole in the wall, since its easier to focus the guys from up.
I don't think ammo cabinets there is a good idea.
eiM back in action? :o
I just like the idea to release another map that does not take too much time as its just a new beta version ;)
Imo this map got no potential at all. Rather focus on some other maps. Anyways good luck with the project
explain plz
i dont get the sense of the ammo storage, would make the last stage totally useless since allies get way more firepowersupply for free. while axis are limited on fop play and sk
The idea behind it is to see axis play more agressively towards the ammo/health boxes, and not camp behind the missile. Kinda divides the last stage into 2 fighting area's instead of one.
Dont make ammo thing there... that part is balanced enough, just need a timed attack from allies.. ammo/health there would make it to easy for allies tbh.
ad more boxes/other stuff at last stage for allies to get better cover
ammo there destroys last stage
gut gespielt gestern, brauner :)
standard, ich hab mpitch bischn runtergestellt und bäääääm :p
best map ever :P
Bring back Karsiah, its a great map, no idea why it isn't being played
bring back the venom ;)
waiting hard for this
you could fix some bugs ofc but ammo/medpackets is not a good idea :( better fix a new way to come at the controls at the last part!
Hi there.

- Imo add some windows here to allow ppl to shoot more easly while hiding behind the tiny bits of wall:
image: aGw6b (perhaps add some ammo cabinets up there)

- make the last allies jump easier (remove the tree or smth.. sometimes ppl break their legs)
- make the missile at the middle of the last stage area
- try to make the map more little... it feels so big, but overall i actually like it!

Nice decision coming back.

I need a little favor from any of you btw, it's a easy job, just need to replace a map skybox, i've got the source and the images. Pm me if you have some time, it's for moviemaking purposes!

Cheers bros
i really like the idea about those windows. please, at least try those, would mix things up a bit!

i also agree that the missile should be moved, but also the truck has to be moved further away because securing obj in b3 version is too easy.
Too much retarded sniping from the windows I think...
well, that is why i said try. also i think taking control of that hallway for axis isn't that hard. Could also be that snipers would ruin that idea tho..
those windows would just render the last bit useless, it would make it way too easy for allies
Yes and no, but right now it's way to hard to allies. Unless axis have a "bad spawntime" it's a bit hard, which makes the last stage relays on spawntime luckiness only. Not even to mention if axis uses a mg somewhere it's a no go :D
I have never understood the short obj-run at the end, after fixing the controls, what's the point of it?

How about you have to blow up the missile-stand instead, axis could try to defuse the dyna? It could be moved little bit further from axis-spawn then. Or smth, now it is quite annoying to fix it with two engies, too much about spawntime now.

+ remove MG <3
What you mean with remove MG? :/
It is so annoying at few stages. And in general too.
Remove mg in general. & the dynamite thingy is pretty good I guess!
+1 for dyna ( easier to plant but could change a lot of side defense :f by playing with engis )
In the mix-games I played, the docs were held for over 5 minutes, so basically it's orite

excellent idea sir
Good idea, would be a different game style, but there is also a HUGE amount of distance to cover before getting there. To do that the angle of the rocket needs changing. Otherwise I feel it would be far too ST dependent.
I dislike dynamite objectives.... a lot. Feels like the last 30 seconds are pointless and doesn't make the game near as exciting when the objective can be transmitted in the last seconds. Keeps the viewers on their toes. And those occasions where the axis defuse in the last second are very rare.
You just don't know how to defuse!
turbo truck in the end has to stay!
Remove the construction. We should take the obj without construction but then the truck should be farest than the obj than now.
sorry but health and ammo there would be so retarded. Allies would have such an advantage it would be stupid - its already easy to angle every camp spot for axis I dont see the problem the last stage is probably the only good stage for both teams imo.

first stage the upper walkways could be reworked, especially the left side - new entrance point somewhere on the other side perhaps? crates / boxes for cover. First stage is very easy for axis to defend flag, I think most teams go straight for the plant - open up some options here perhaps.

the courtyard position next is a nice idea, but not really defendable - cp stage is so easy to render useless due to the entrance on the right hand side for allies - very least that should be a second plant or maybe a button in the courtyard or something.

axis spawning on the transmitter next stage is not great, imo, any map where this happens its generally not amazing to attack.
Quotesorry but health and ammo there would be so retarded. Allies would have such an advantage it would be stupid - its already easy to angle every camp spot for axis I dont see the problem the last stage is probably the only good stage for both teams imo.

Edit Airfield Assault FP <3 that map :p
you could also make another cave exit for the allies, so when you go in the cave you can go through another passage on the right wich brings you to the corner of the map close to the axis wall (last stage)

e: wich makes you have a better crossfire, and give more strategical and ninja like attacks, instead of getting raped only by the axis, because i think when you makethat other exit,the axis have to find another way to defend (probably more downstairs)
then 5 go your new path and 1 panza sneaks upper path -> breaks whole defense
lol who is saying that the whole team will go through that passage ?, its more a way for like 4 people going main and an engi and medic go through last passage.
it just gives more attack oppurtunities.
For instance who goes 6 man rush main supply first stage every spawn?
so your comment has no value ;)
but imagine pushing as allies on spawn of axis the way I mentioned: pf at up will take out the the axis who could shot on those 5 allies and the rest of axis has to jump down at truck or goes through the break in the wall. allies just have to focus on the truck and spam the break in the wall. axis get full and allies dominate the last stage, making it easy to build controls and deliver obj.

I didn't say every team will do that, but like this it is almost sure to break the whole defense, unlike a 6-man main push on supply.
hmm i think we both misinterpretated what the other ment lol :P
no offence but useless sticky.
I'm offended, delete please
no Ammo and health cabinets, it will be too easy to frag the entire axis team that way
jij bent echt baas als je dat zegt
Oh boy, it's that time of the year again, new maps.. yeeeeeey
duuuuuuuuuude this is old map :>
I know


Made the comment here because the other idea sucks and will be deleted anyway :P
figured that
missile sucks, create a new map plz
Remove the map
im not really an active ET player anymore, only played the map in 6on6 like 5 times or so, but so far missile only got one stage that i enjoy playing - "bring the key and push the button" stage.
1st stage is totally trash and random. First of all it's too huge, running and getting the flag from behind takes more than 20 seconds i guess. Also you can't defend the huge room from top other than shooting rifles/panzer on plant, neither allies can attack well via top - useless top way or at least the window is bad tbh.
CP fixing and key bringing phase is fine, though CP stage could have less leaning spots.
Last stage makes me rage every time i play it with a worse aimwise team. Srsly axis can push out so far away and you gotta run miles as allies. And 4 ways of attacking make you split a lot so those axis pushes are often successful. After that axis come to their advantageuos high spots and perform rape of the rest who survived. Adding the ammo/medpacks will only make it easier for axis to push @_@.
Also I'd rather see some different objective there - I really like how it's done on 1st stage of adler - eventhough it's an open room, being closed by those walls the plant itself isnt that hard to perform or defuse when allies are coming. Now the defence doesnt even require an engineer and the open objective spot is extremely easy to defend
i just cannot into the door, bugs all the fucking time..
maybe im just stupid and cant open the door.. dunno
I wouldn't change it at all, that ammo&health would make it to easy for allies, they can now already set a really fast time...
  • Would prefer a ladder somewhere at last stage to make it easier for allies to spawnkill
  • 1 or 2 more boxes near to the rocket for more cover
  • Add a flag in the little room after jumping down the hill. Would make spawnways shorter for allies, so they dont need 20 seconds from spawn to obj..
  • Add a small window over the truck, so Axis can make some kind of last second secure for the obj (PF kill or something)

First and 2nd stage are nice tho
I really like your flag-idea
What Thomm said, I think its a great idea. Its quite hard to build it up with two engis, takes some time, while you can arm a dynamite much faster. Would be the only change that I'd do

Btw I cant understand why so many people dislike so many different maps. Personally I only dislike one and thats et_ice. Ive got no problem at all with other ones, I enjoy playing them. Never, really, never understood what bothers other ppl so hard
palyed the map today for the first time in 6v6. nice map :)
Project et-community save: new map edits!

-> added AMMO/HEALTH cabinets

image: bitch-please
any updates?
Not yet, we first wanted to start with collecting information and start mapping this or the next week.
You should remap the first stage, this big room with xxx entries is quite messy, you r always on your own to defend one path, I don't like it
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