adze avi

Good evening Crossfire!

It's time to return!
Info about me:
I am 20, from Hungary, played from 2005 to 2010/2011, but never achieved shit.
I can handle every class at every skill level!
My specialities are: Landmining our territory, giving medic packs very fast, calling useless artilleries, igetting full spawn on purpose.
I got to work on my spare time tho, no idea when could I be avi to play.

sebi didn't invite me to Hungary Team-Hungary just beause of jelaousy.

You need to be:
Total serious during games, I don't want to hear a single laugh. It freaks me out.
Avi when I tell you to play.
Understand german, because I like to tell half of the information german ingame.

Pmme here.
gl inferno adze
you wrote trollong instead of trolling
no i didnt
yes you did, that i is getting lost at igetting full spawn :)
could be caused of different resolution!
fuck this shit, deleted!
haha I was just kidding, trolled you hard :XD:X:D:DX:D
Worst mistake of your life
going to the gym right now! Gonna work out shoulders, gimme some exercises!
lol y u no in team hun
Total serious during games, I don't want to hear a single laugh. It freaks me out.

ATZE! Used to be good. :)
gl sexy!
welcome back, we need lEku - let's do this. Pm me @ IRC
U can häz me in 5 months or at weekends but i doubt u paly on fridays,saturdays or sunday afternoon :D
I thought you were done @ february :'(
:/ had few things and now its 12 months
guess I'll stay with QL then :D
Like u couldnt do it with out me :D
I won't ! :P
Gl u funny mään
good luck brotha
GL broskiadzeski :))
gyere gamelni, fönt fieldezel velem
csak a gl-okat számolom!
are u that lowbob i played with ?
Yes I am, the one and only!
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