Adroits ET Masters Recruitment

This topic is for players and clans who want to play at the Adroits ET Masters LAN event in Weesp Holland.

To show your interest and to have your name addes on this post, please follow the reply structure to make this easier to keep up to date:

image: logo
Team name (including team flag)
Team lineup (including nationalities of each player)


Past teams

Example team post:

- United Kingdom potty United Kingdom owzo, United Kingdom unblind United Kingdom rAzbo, Poland n00n, United Kingdom DarK

Example player post:

Nickname: potty
Age: 24
Skill: high
Past teams: THE CUBE

LAN information
  • Dates: 2nd & 3rd June 2012 (09:00 each day)
  • Entry: €350 per team of 6
  • Slots: 16
  • Prize pool: €3,000

Teams Fully Paid (Click team name to expand line-up)

Teams interested (Click team name to expand line-up)

Players available for mixing / new team (Click nicknames to expand info)

To read the original newspost click here. If you have any questions, reply in this topic. Good luck and let's try to get this event up and running! Also, if you're a team looking for players, feel free to post a link to your team's recruitment topic in this thread!

Teams and players info from comments will be deleted once added to the list to keep the thread clean. Any non-related comments will also be removed.
- Belgium Buzzer :(((
+ Switzerland olGaa

@ lost soldiers
why - Buzzer ? :(
That sux :-|
Parent lineup: NetherlandsLightning, Netherlandsaphesia, United KingdomGriim, GermanykReSti, GermanyFLoPJEHZ, Germanystownage
avi - med or more - age 25 - can pay on my own ( support would be awesome too :P )
avi for a team
avi - high - 21 by then - could bring up SOME money
avi if I like the team

18 years old
can pay

Gonna make own team
NetherlandsNBS 2.0 Lineup: NetherlandsHunteR, NetherlandsTimbolinA, NetherlandsWoooooo, BelgiumGoku, BeneluxTBA, BeneluxTBA
Speak with phazor, genshi and try a few dutchies from the list. Also, remember to sign up by emailing Seanza! :) info at other news sticky.
We might have 6 already, but those 4 are 100% sure, we will sign up as soon as everybody is confirmed.

But no worries, I even got back ups so our team will definitely go :)
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