lesti & Lukey avi for 6on6

We are looking for a 6on6 clan to play with. We can play around 3/4 times per week, eng speaking, skilled, got exp, for any other info you can just pm us @ #vodka.et.

What we expect is a skilled team that wants to maintain more than 2 weeks -_- and play actively in cups, ladders, maybe wants to attend a lan.
make a new team :D
gl lesti ;-)
I heard tikej is avi for a new team with u guys but he has 1 condition: u will always laugh at his jokes.
Send me some vodka and I'll get you guys into a skilled team!
polish vodka the best!
gud lack
avi .. what about adroits et masters ;D ? jk
werent you guys the team that payed last lan entrance and then didnt went?
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