sHaKy avi for LAN

Hello CF :-)

As the title says i'm avi for the upcomming LAN in Weesp!
I went to all Crossfire LANs except the first one.
I attended CdC3, CC5, CC6 & CiC7

I'm looking for a skilled team that is stable and reliable.
Prefer to know atleast one of you.

If you want more info just pm me here :-)

Have a nice day!
And cu at LAN :-)
low sense lan owner gl !
avi kom met mij !
gl, zie je daar ;-)
Beter fixen we een team!
cu there m8 :)
didn't u play at CiC7 aswell? :p
oye! I did ;D
haha :) gl ;)
Hehe thanks :)
gl pwner
gl mate, almost as good as me when I play with nerdmode
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