surreal avi

Hey guys ,

i'm Looking for a 6v6 / 3v3 clan , newprojects its ok if i see some potential

Back to active since school is starting so im active most of days

inactive for a long time, but still can handle med/

I Play Medic/Fdop

Lan Proofed, Teamplayer as a must , Good Aimer , somehow brainer ^^, xP

some exclans : Higlights , Vagrants , Playing with Style , Nature

and some more that i dont reamember..

intrested q/ me back here , or at q/ surreal
gl seareal!
don't tar others with that brush
gl seareal!
oh god its seareal
no gl
seareal is god
gl seareal
#tstarS pm Slic3r
what happened to cwg?
gl tho!
im also avi
Portugal surrealj - Member For: 2 years, 4 months and 4 days | OLD ACC: Member For: 3 years, 10 months and 28 days

Slovenia seareal - Member For: 1 year, 8 months and 21 day

So stop say to this guy smth about seareal faggots! It's insulting!

gl man
Quote by aiRenSo stop say to this guy smth about seareal faggots! It's insulting!

well played.
Well I mean that It´s insulting for surrealj, ah
I was pointing out how iroinic this was, I know you are a good lad but fighting flame(insults) with flame(insults again) doesn't work out good usually.
i have no problem saying this cuz u insulted me first, and u even said u are gonna beat me up on lan when i kicked u out of my org cuz u wer not active.

u just agreed with him that ur stupid, how stupid can a stupid idiot be thats just stupid
Dafuq you are talkin' about? What organization? When I insult you? When I even said that I´ll gonna go to lan to beat you?

Talking about stupidity meanwhile 98% of community means you are retard. My work is done here.
well im not taking u seriusly cuz u call urself idiot and u never would notice it if i wouldnt tell u.
Good luck
gl mate
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