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Since I haven't had any luck yet with finding a LAN team, I though about making a forum topic.

About me:[/u]
  • Age: 18
  • skill: med- but I personally believe that I have a lot of room for improvement
  • ex teams:Controlled gaming, just because my lads aren't going to LAN
  • clean: Never cheated
  • languages: Dutch and English, prefer English
  • Class: Engi SMG, objective minded medic. I am willing to learn anything except rifle
  • New school
  • I'm not shy so you can expect comments and hopefully laughs.
  • I play for the object not my k/d ratio,damage, etc.
  • Unreliable schedule but I can probably plan things out.

About you:[/u]
  • Nice guys, in for a laugh but rather serious when playing
  • Going to LAN
  • Would be great if I can get into a med skilled team, I know that I can't ask for too much due to my own skill.

Contact information:
SimonKinsler @Quakenet #crossfire
Or pm me here on crossfire,a comment would probably work as well
Make ur own team ?
I don't think I'm suitable as ingame leader(since lack of experience) but getting some lads together mmm perhaps let's first see how this works out.
Lemme sleep in yo basement and i'll let you add a pocal on your desk next to my photo.
You can sleep in the guest room ofcourse, I will make sure that there is a computer avilaible and wodka.
whisky better, i'll bring women as always
i go to lan
gl bro pm gungy from prolly needs u
fo sho still got a spot in rafek's car interested?
sorry bro, .pl is the wrong side for me, i live in Spain
why spending so much money if you are getting raped so hard anyway :P then you can better go as spectator

e: no offense at all btw! gl
I don't think it's 'much money' and I would like to play at LAN for the experience. I also think going with a team is more fun.
naja :P ipv daar te spelen kun je veel juupkes drinke gek :)
I don't go to LAN to drink, ofcourse I would drink a bit but going with the intention of getting wasted is rather weird if you ask me.
it should be your intention :)
homo, ga eens zuipen kut
hou je bakkes, frater
You never played at a lan right?
gl simon!

cu@lan :)
watch out for those 10 sec panzers
lets make team
gl mate :)
great guy, will improve quickly in a good team, gl, cu lan!
Zo veel foutjes joh, dacht dat je engels beter was!
Goed geluk tho :)
Thanks for the help.
gl mate!
gl mate ! Nice guy !
I wouldnt wanna go to LAN with bunch of four-eyes, everyone not having been to LAN before or should post their picture along with their gaming-intel
image: simontoss
me at work serving drinks to United KingdomTosspoT
pic not working for me :(
you fucking ginger.

gl anyway, you deserve something nice
I'm not a ginger lol thanks nonetheless.
oo gl mate :P
gl mate

+ add, that you can write News on CF and you will give shoutouts to some1 who pick you :)
best of luck mate !
gl dude! :))
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