Adroits ET Masters Recruitment

This topic is for players and clans who want to play at the Adroits ET Masters LAN event in Enschede Holland.

To show your interest and to have your name addes on this post, please follow the reply structure to make this easier to keep up to date:


Team name (including team flag) image: logo
Team lineup (including nationalities of each player)


Past teams

Example team post:

- United Kingdompotty, United Kingdomowzo, United Kingdomcrumbs, Germanyurtier, United Kingdomscarzy and Estoniabff.

Example player post:

Nickname: potty
Age: 24
Skill: high
Past teams: THE CUBE

LAN information

Dates: 2nd & 3rd June 2012 (09:00 each day)
Entry: €350 per team of 6
Slots: 16
Prize pool: €3,000

Teams Fully Paid

Lost Soldiers]GermanylaNgo GermanycaTchEr Italyvj7o SwitzerlandolGaa GermanyrAKJI GermanyScaTmaN
The Cube.GPS]United Kingdompotty United Kingdomowzo United Kingdomcrumbs Germanyurtier United KingdomkoopUnited Kingdomscarzy!
Enhanced aka Enlanced]Netherlands Tw1zZt Estonia Infi Netherlands Xo Germany Felix Netherlands Carlos United Kingdom Suiy
PDEG]GermanystRay Germanygr0ss Germany Bl4de Moldovaeujen GermanykReSti TurkeyFiREBALL
ZeroE]Czech RepublicGreen_Clon Czech Republicdenton Czech Republicmalfoy NetherlandsTesti Germanymental Czech RepublicRifleman
mCG - miNd's Casual Gamers eSports Club]FinlandmiNdFinlandtoMiFinlandThommGermanyRazzahNetherlandsSimonKinslerNetherlandswra1th
NBS 2.0]NetherlandsHunteRNetherlandsWooooooSomaliaFarhanNNetherlandsAbzesNetherlandsMustangBelgiumGoku
Mysterious-Monkeys ]GermanyrAMOZ GermanyFendah GermanygenShi Germanymztic GermanystownageGermanyPhazor
Team WinFakt!] Belgium chry Belgium Jere Belgium Sup3r Belgium AL1 Netherlands xPERiA Anonymous ????
Anexis eSports] United Kingdom R0SS Wales Sqzz Italy XyLoS Estonia Nait Finland Squall Belgium mAus]GermanyZeYoS GermanyWhiteSide BelgiumSataN BelgiumHavenloods GermanyRayzed GermanyAggro
Finlantic6] Finland twidi Finland Matias Finland Iron Finland Jewe Finland OLBAA Finland Salaneuvos
NBS]NetherlandsL4mpje GermanyFLoPJEHZ BelgiumPlAyer EstoniayEnch EstoniaSinnu NetherlandsHope

Players available for mixing / new team (Click nicknames to expand info)

age: 26
skill: med/+ ?
past teams: [eXe], oxyde, cbz
will be here for sure as spec
searching a team any skill, only for fun (cannot pracc cos of work)
pmme on crossfire :))

Age : 29
Skill : low
Past teams : HighHeels
Wish : Set up a girls team

avi - beast skill - age 19 - can pay on my own

Age: 24
Skill: lowasfuck
Past teams: business district , TEMR (CC7) , mighty ducks (AEF)

might form a team aswell if i know the people!

t1mmae] AVI i am 22 years old my skill is med/+ talk german and english !
Ati] avi - high - age 21 - will not pay for entrance, SO YOU BETTER GET THAT COVERED
med skill
for fun > serious business
can pay on my own, prefer support tho!

age: 19
skill: mid/+
class: medic
past teams: cornu, divineint, Plus-Minus
langage: Dutch/German/English/French/PL
can pay for my own
inactive for practice due to work, going at lan mostly for fun :)

Age 19
skill med+
Ex Team: e-Wave(LAN, EC), pstarZ etc.

Age: 22
Class: Rifle
Skill: med+/high
Past teams: dESIRE / FiF / Sublime
Can pay for my own

age: 24
skill: LAN experienced med+
can pay for mahself

cRackeR]avi- med/+-age 19 will pay because im not a hobo like the rest
Tropic]Nickname: Tropic
Age: 16
skill: med
Ex team: [DRAAKJES]

Age: 18
skill: low
Past teams: team italy, and some italian semi-serious clans (see profile)

age: 36
class: medyk, eng-smg
skill: high+ compared to some med+ skilled guys here
real skill: med/med+
teams: #zeroskill
nationality: polak
can pay for my own, drink and own

add me up there
inactive like fuck but can play if needed
can fund self...

TARGET, encrypt

you know his skills
you know he cant pracc before lan
but atleast he can pay for his own

If you have any questions, reply in this topic. Good luck and let's try to get this event up and running! Also, if you're a team looking for players, feel free to post a link to your team's recruitment topic in this thread!

Please remove your comments by yourself if you got added to the list to keep the thread clean (I have no rights and cf admins dont trust a german like me xD). Any non-related comments are not welcome.
add Germany rAKJI to lost, daniel! :D
I wont come to lan
they replaced me cuz they want to reach top3 :/
damn it was too obvious D;
inSpiron cu lan :XD
GL inSpiron !
change my flag from nl to so thnx
wnbLAN is now known as Mysterious-Monkeys
sounds gay ;/ ..added
gay names are cool :)
Nickname: Tropic
Age: 16
skill: med
Ex team: [DRAAKJES]
-seNti +stownage
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