#epic.et need 1

As I won't be able to forfill my current place in #epic.et's OC Premier ventures, I'm looking for someone to replace me in the team. I'll be picking the replacement together with the teammates, most importantly is that you like objective whoring.

Someone with a similar playstyle as me would be nice, teamplay and objective based engineer smg. A strong aim is a plus but not mandatory as long as you can manage yourself on OC Premier level.

The current epic.et lineup:
France b3ck (c)
France momo
France invi
Croatia danL
Slovenia m1ke

As you can see there are 6 players in this lineup, this is due to the fact that not all 6 are available every prac day, and thus some flexability is nice. If you decide to apply make sure to give a detailed infosheet of yourself.

Overall just looking for a fun guy who is in for a laugh but knows when to get a gameface :D.

Hoping to see some nice names popup!
Isn't b3ck that guy from Desire? (2007)
denk het niet
beck was always medskilled so

i dont think
You are a massive retard, you're hated by most of the community, your life is ruthless, you've achieved nothing either in your real life or in your gaming one. Stop wasting your time commenting topics that have nothing to do with you, pull yourself together and stop acting like a humongous moron.
well done,

gl btw
Boumme, gé cinq
faut croire qu'a chaque fois que jte flame, tu te sents bad :xD
En même temps t'es pas un modèle de finesse, tu récoltes ce que tu mérites.

Je pense qu'il se sent bad, parce que tu la flame c'est clair lolilol.
oh please

une fois il a reussi a ragequit ts :o|

whats wrong b3ck friend :(
Can't stand faggots talking rubbish :/
You must be mistaking me for fek :)
fek is way too awesome to be mentionned here !
he is a friend of désirer caoungo, you can find him on #retro.eSports /q k2k
I'm avi (kALLI)!

Good luck cojiinem8 and rmy (:
good luck
cojine nouveau emmAüs
sounds like a job for me
me too since i got "the brain but not the aim" :pppPPPpp
invi sale tard !
what are the traintimes for this person? ^^
well the normal prac days are sunday monday wednesday, and I was always available, but the flexability means class wise. As I also played rifle one day of the pracs :P
gl guys, won't be that hard to find :)
thx, maybe we'll beat you next time :DD
gl cojine
gl b3ck :)
thx mate :)
you forgot to mention that you still search players for et masters :o

gl though
Tu geles?!
Ce gres ti engija lahk jst pridm medika igrt :D
gl guys :)
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