A new 1on1 map

Because it's been a while 1on1 in ET has seen a new map other than te_valhalla, tournamentdm2 and multi_huntplace etc, it brought UberCup the idea to ask around for someone to make a new 1on1 map.
We've found an experienced map maker called Belgium Snake and with a little help from several other 1on1 players that had nice idea's for the map it has now been finished, te_nihil!

image: nihil1
image: nihil2
image: nihil3
image: nihil4

You can download the map here: http://web7.alpha187.server4you.de/te_nihil.pk3

If you're planning to play in the next UberCup wich will be on saturday 14:00 cet again, we recommend you to put this new map on your server since it will be in the maplist, signups will be open later this week. hf
ugly, 1on1 suxx imo
just because you lose every 1on1 ;)

Nice map btw (Y) looks great
want 1on1? =)
versus you always ^^
Propbebly i will learn a lot

I like
very much :p
we can test the new map.
what skill r u?
More campplaces please..
without steps it would be better i guess.. we wil lsee :)
looks interesting nice work kris
pistolwar was out some time ago aswell and had some 2on2 pistol cup ;) also good for 1on1 gaming
download pistolwar.pk3
have fun!
more cammaps plz, 1v1 sux
full of cheaters

EDIT: nice girl in your profile :(
played it, its different and a nice map for 1on1
ziet er vet uit
Looks nice, remove the sound of steps as beAsty said and try to make the fps stable 125 for everyone :)
looks nice
Looks like a test map :X
hello, thx for the good and less good comments ;) everybody has his oppinion about a map !

@ perfo: you dont have 125 fps stable? :o :o :o
(Or u should buy a new pc :P )

When i have some more time i ll make a 2nd version and a shader for removing the footsteps and ofc stable fps (looks like ppl still have probs with fps :<)
nice work snake ;)
how can people have problems with the fps on such a small map :D you suck @ mapping my friend ;p

(kk my map has suxxoritch fps aswell^^)
the map looks nice, but et 1on1 sux
ip for testing?
looks pretty nice, who's gonna be my first victim :]
need more places to hide!
nice =)
Are u perdaj's brother?
K, then I'm mistaken. Carry on...
looks nice :ppppp :)
imo no fps lag :P I bet perfo hasnt evin test the map ;D
Looks nice, but... OMG MY EYES! Couldn't it be a bit darker?
get a bit better cfg
It's fine, but not for such as light maps and I'm tooooo lazzzyyyy to do something with it ;D
nice map was fun play that =) something new !
nice map, but whats with youre graphicscard o.O
looks nice
looks very nice :) nice job
if your really want it darker, create a file called autoexec_te_nihil.cfg and put r_gamma "2" or smth in it :P

When i have more time i can improve the map with the comments i had. Like darker design :)
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