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CB ET OC Fall 2013!
Poland chickita
Wales Deryn
France lunAa
Romania nebu
Poland palemki
Portugal punky
Poland stokkie
France TesLa
Poland Aurelia
Poland Buffy
Poland chickita
Poland Daga
Poland stokkie

"I am the passenger and I ride and I ride
I ride through the city's backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah the bright and hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight
I am the passenger
I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the city's ripped backsides
And everything looks good tonight
singing la la la la lalalala
la la la la lalalala la la.."

Quote<+fanatic> czesc krolowo cikita

Quoteantsi: luckily I don't have to worry about something like that cuz there's no way I can meet someone this way xd
antsi: 24/7 sitting on a computer
antsi: but I know it's there somewhere

Quote<23:52:04> "BOBiKA": chicki's voice makes my dick go full shakira - hello to africa
<23:52:57> "BOBiKA": going full harlem shake when she talks

QuoteClown in cs:go - theese guys are decent nait, stop eating

Quote01:30 - yokoo: yeah im with friends
01:30 - yokoo: there is no vagina tho
01:30 - chickita: here are 3
01:30 - chickita: so you know
01:30 - chickita: priorities
01:30 - yokoo: WOW
01:30 - yokoo: EC DICK IS READY

Quote"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra": CHICKI
"avadakedavra" pokes you
"avadakedavra" pokes you
"chickita": ?
"avadakedavra": DARKI WILL BE BACK
"avadakedavra": WOHOOOO
"avadakedavra": tomorrow or tuesday
"chickita": i know
"avadakedavra": MY DICK IS HARd
"avadakedavra": OMG
"avadakedavra": SO HAPPY

Quote<dtec7> Robben sending kisses to camera
<dtec7> I'll be busy tonight

Quote<chickita> hi olden, u fine today?
<@Swanidius> he still has boner from playing with you chickita
<chickita> we didnt even play, thats the point
<@Swanidius> jesus olden...

Quote<+gavlar> i like rolling my poo into small circles and throwing them at the door
<@B1gcHeese> free chocolate

Quote<CR0N0> whats wrong with celine dion?
<DrLagAlot> nothing, she's super awesome, if she was 10 years older I'd want to bang her

Quote<+`Artstar> remember once razz told me
<+`Artstar> i was drunk and i said i wanted to ride him like a horse

Quote<DARKI> i like my mercs like i like my dildos
<DARKI> strong and black

Quote<CR0N0> i did listen to justin bieber baby more than once ...

Quote<Faks> im engi, im muslim


Quote<Artstar> girls use touchpad for a reason
<Artstar> good practice

Quote<CR0N0> I don't even fap anymore, I play ET

Quote<DARKI> need 6th dont be finnish
<DARKI> dont be short
<DARKI> have sexy voice
<DARKI> and a fairly large penis
<chickita> nebu coming :D!

Quote* hobb1t ( has joined #girls.rawrr
<+deryyyyyyyyyn> med+ people only
<+deryyyyyyyyyn> hobb1t: plz leave

Quote<Metsuri> my mouth is open
<Metsuri> insert cock
<Metsuri> I miss the days when penis was simple
<Metsuri> I close my eyes and imagine i got it in my mouth
<Metsuri> pot of the gold

Quoteξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: Hey
ξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: You There?
Aleksandra: hey
Aleksandra: im back now
ξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: Ok how Old are you Aleksander
ξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: Aleksandra
Aleksandra: im 24
ξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: Ok im 23
ξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: And i got kik Skype snapchat and oovoo
Aleksandra: mhm
Aleksandra: awesome!
ξxpℓσﮎi√Ə Fluid water@music: Yes and you? Im horny often!
Aleksandra: omg what a dickhead

Quote<pazi> yooo
<pazi> dasz mi swoj numer ? :D
<pazi> Ładna podobno jestes ;p
<pazi> mozemy pograc razem w et u mmnie

<Daga> 3o3 med- hs
<chickita> 3on3 hs
<chickita> IDO
<chickita> ALBO NIE IDO
<Daga> STOJO
<Daga> NIE IDO
<chickita> NI MO OPO

Quote<kot> zrobie wszystko co chcecie

Quote<brachi> widzieliscie nowy serwer et.mix? ja tam mam 8 pingu
<chickita> a masz tam 3 level?

Quote<timbolina> i just heard you have the hottest voice ever

Quote<Artstar> but gays can lose their vocal cords after giving a deep bj
<Artstar> why do you think whitney houston lost her voice?!?!
<Artstar> bobby brown is to blame

Quote<Artstar> that came from deep within me
<Artstar> like a black penis

Quote<xylos> ban that bytheway guy
<xylos> :D
<deryyn> Noooo
<deryyn> hes toooo nicee
<xylos> gav's cock is nice
<xylos> not a polish boy

Quote<@sNi> n00n
<@sNi> jutro przez 40 minut bede sam vs cala warszawa
<@sNi> pozycz maczete

Quote<+brAhi> dobra chuj przyznam sie
<+brAhi> wam
<+brAhi> jestem kosmita
<+brAhi> i kocham hardcorowy sex
<+brAhi> klepanie duszonko plucie wyzwiska

Quote<+dydziek> ej ale wgl
<+dydziek> jak nie dostane arta buggsa
<+dydziek> to rifla chickity
<+dydziek> buggs arte na westa
<+dydziek> a ja na eascie dostaje

Quote<+Artstar> he is named magic johnson for a reason
<+Sinnu> Mine's called Willie Stroker
<+Sinnu> or
<+Sinnu> G.I.Joe

Quote<anexis-R0SS> it has already begun
<anexis-R0SS> my amazing looks, skill, voice, personality. She is already getting bored of u

Quote<+sb`dizelowskyyy> a na moj widok dziewczyny gubia ponczochy

Quote<palemki> pamietam
<palemki> te czasy
<palemki> atomowki same dziewczyny
<palemki> i ja
<palemki> ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<palemki> wasze glosy
<palemki> piescily me uszy

Quote<buggs> chickita
<buggs> dmg 7777
<buggs> po jednej rundzie :XD
<buggs> jakbys byla singlem to bym podrywal Cie na te screeny

Quote<palemki> 5on5 low no server
<paramonov> low hahahaha
<paramonov> ur low-
<paramonov> idiot

Quote<chickita`afk> whats up
<dignitas\Sui> my penis

1 year later:

<dignitas\Sui> I'm like obelix
<dignitas\Sui> but I fell in a big jar of viagra
<dignitas\Sui> When I was a baby
<dignitas\Sui> Now I have boner 24/7

Quote <chickita> girls like bears :D
<squad\ee`mantt> i eat bears
<@aea> :D
<chickita> for lunch :D?
<squad\ee`mantt> breakfast
<@aea> idd breakfast lol
<chickita> and what for dinner?
<squad\ee`mantt> pussy

Quote <@stAR> i was doggying a chick and put a dildo in her ass

Quote <@Aurelia`> chickita + rifla + jej epicki movement = czuje wygrana, rili :D

Quote<+ipod__> u guys heard about the lochness mosnter in alaska
<@anexis-R0SS> ye ur mum
<@anexis-R0SS> lololoolololol

Quote <+chickitaweb> palemiusz.
<+palemki> :?
<+chickitaweb> wejdziesz na ts czy..?
<+palemki> czy co :P?
<+palemki> gadam z panna teraz
<+palemki> :c
<+chickitaweb> czyli bez..
<@Daga> szans.
<+palemki> DOKLADNIE.

Quote(23:05:33) (ipod_) u gona go scrim wit h chick rit enow?
(23:07:03) (stAR) yea
(23:07:05) (stAR) :L
(23:07:14) (ipod_) ok
(23:07:16) (ipod_) go fuck urself
(23:07:19) (ipod_) i hope both of u die
(23:07:21) —› quit: (ipod_) ( (Signed off)

Quote(razz) playing with girls
(razz) !"!!"
(Artstar) OMFGOMG
(Artstar) wait wtf
(razz) Daga she looks no bad
(razz) :D
(Artstar) where u go
(Artstar) daga is a guy
(Artstar) :|
(razz) WTF?
(Artstar) and ask if they want me to come ts
(Artstar) :D
(razz) no big ugly nerds
(razz) aloud in with fit chicks
(razz) soz
(razz) :D
(Artstar) :D
(Artstar) get out
(Artstar) im beautiful
(Artstar) link
(Artstar) best looking guy around mate

Quote <kot> chickita
<kot> gramy wieczorem?

Quote<@Daga> kot idz zobacz czy cie nie ma na dworze