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Enemy Territory: 2004 - 2010/'12
Hungary Retro Esports
Hungary Team Hungary CB:NC XII
Hungary underscore (EMS IV ?6th, GGT Dodge)
Hungary Flashpoint Gaming
Hungary proners/HardcoreGamers
Hungary Wintersturm
Hungary Tact - X
Hungary NoSkill
Hungary HEG
Hungary frame
Hungary Night

Italy pWs with MiC & FoxiT <3
Germany Team - inTro
Europe Titanz
Belgium RODCAd
Belgium oceans6 (Rawkin)
Portugal Royal Blood
Europe Euler
Italy primoVictoria
Europe EUClan
Europe Massacre
Europe Projet Zero
Europe executioners

Honorary Member of:
Hungary Gringos SuperBestClanEverInTheMotherFuckingOnlineWorld
Hungary cave`coh
Germany Velerion - Die Well Educated Hurensohn Community
Europe Brigatte Rosse (Atleast they invited me to their CB Acc:d)

R.I.P Hungarikum 2.55 Public Server

- League of Legends 2014-2015
EU:NE G5, Assasin. Deleted that game of Nerfs in 02.15
- Quake III CPMa and QL Duels w Seewi & z3R0`
- Unreal Tournament '99 Public Hero


- 3rd 6on6 ProGamersCyberCáffé ET LAN, Budapest
- 4th 6on6 XterNet ET LAN, Érd
- 6th on 6on6 EMS: IV
- I played Nationscup (L)

- Played two EC Qualifiers with underscore, lost them 4:2 against devilry, and Sleeperz
- Qualified to GGT LAN with underscore, but we had no money, we were unskilled, so we dodged it. dECLINE replaced us
- Best Fieldops of the first Hungarian Allstar cup with PROF_HUN
- Organised Hungarian Allstar cup/Battle of Regions with Cs4f1, Syxtus, Datti, Stom
- Organised Hungarian 6on6 Tournaments

- Had second TZAC Account known as "haxacc" , you ve been mad probably