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Thanks for the memories, you wonderful people!

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Over the years bizarre creatures have crossed my path Wave of Destruction
Russia Sniper
Germany PaRzi
Germany vortex
Germany Tuner
Germany skn
Germany xer
Germany Pinky
Belgium BigDaddy

; Just Esport
Germany Aikido
Germany Hansi
Portugal Night
Ireland Amano
Germany PaRzi
Supreme Experts
Girls Team

Germany Morgana
Sweden iiky
Anonymous yuki
Germany PaRzi
Germany Kiwi
Germany Soraja

; Legends of Wolfenstein
Germany Snug
Germany HM70
Russia DWK
Germany Massen
Ireland arC_
Germany PaRzi
Germany Tweety
Germany Daywalker
Germany Zippo
Germany JimboJones

Germany BuDi
Dream Theater
Germany HeavyG
Germany sAwa
Germany Snug
Germany PaRzi
Germany spaxz
Germany Downy
Germany Koga
Germany buTzi

; #16
Germany sAwa
Germany Snug
Germany PaRzi
Germany spaxz
Germany Downy
Germany roar
Germany belu

image: mt85fo

The great business district took me under its wing.

Costa Rica Gungy
Germany wsk
United Kingdom Merlinator
Germany Panda
Wales PaRzi
Anonymous knoche
Finland Thomm


Love to
Germany Panda, Germany wsk, Germany schnee, Germany knoche, Finland Thomm,
Mauritania arclite, Ireland Duality, United Kingdom Suiy, Baden-Württemberg Noorgrin, Anonymous nicon,
New Zealand iiky, China Gungy, Estonia infi_, United Kingdom niSmO, Iceland tace, Czech Republic muflon

image: 2ql72x3


Missing the old times when the girls weren't needy and the guys weren't greedy.