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"Snapper, Suiy. Known for his way of life, 'If in doubt, snap about'"

Being banned from almost all ETPro public servers T_T

50acc at LAN ":D"


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Retired 2004-2012


Team Manager:

image: nl DAF|Shimmy.nl


image: nl DAF|Shimmy.nl
image: gb DAF|Suiy.uk (c)
image: de DAF|Z0mb!e.de
image: se DAF|Star.se image: ico_warn
image: fr DAF|iLoS.fr image: ico_warn
image: si DAF|squAze.si

The Rest lol[/u]

image: nl Absolute image: ico_warn
image: nl Braam
image: nl XplosiV
image: nl Vinnie
image: nl Psyco
image: nl Confuter
image: nl Maikel
image: nl Morde
image: nl Flash/Tim
image: nl Decadent
image: nl ViteZ
image: nl H0neY
image: gb Multipunches
image: gb Aemx
image: gb Spikefvck
image: gb Crave
image: gb Aspland image: ico_warn
image: gb Mini
image: lt Revenge
image: fr enJoy image: ico_warn
image: fr Superberi
image: fr Ploutrin
image: fr Tifipeon image: ico_warn
image: de Jo
image: de Panda
image: fi PokeR-FacE
image: fi Aksuli
image: fi Numbe
image: fi 0nc3
image: be R3aver
image: be HoggeR
image: be F3aR
image: be Bullseye
image: pl Ravik
image: pl Boom
image: pl Cz3w$k!
image: pl HellSpawn
image: il Fr0xy
image: il Config-Art/Neo
image: ee 3ST0
image: si $lo
image: si Jan
image: us RagingMachine
image: us James
image: ca rEAPEr


Team Manager:

image: il emo,artlove


image: il emo,artlove

image: gb emo,smurftang
image: gb emo,suiy (c)
image: gb emo,stinger
image: gb emo,tomo
image: fi emo,scriabinist
image: nl emo,carlos

image: gb emo,pieman
image: gb emo,seb
image: gb emo,dki
image: no emo,viperius
image: nl emo,vaniaandkivucceex
image: fr emo,ilos
image: pl emo,xan


Team Manager:

image: gb >SuiySNAPPER>


image: gb sNp.suiy <3 (c)
image: gb sNp.seb
image: gb sNp.panda :_D
image: nl sNp.carlos 8D
image: fr sNp.splthhhh


image: gb >GemSNAPPER>
image: gb >KeandoSNAPPER>
image: gb >PanicSNAPPER>
image: fi >Pr3DSNAPPER>
image: pl >kvazzSNAPPER>
image: fr >rAffouSNAPPER>
image: fr >MirageSNAPPER>
image: fr >PuanteSNAPPER>


Team Manager:

image: gb dG'Desire2Fire


image: gb dG'Desire2Fire
image: gb dG'jnO
image: gb dG'tace
image: gb dG'Suiy
image: gb dG'Seb
image: gb dG'Sean
image: gb dG'Tardler
image: gb dG'Griim
image: gb dG'Panic
image: fi dG'Niko
image: fi dG'Pr3d


Team Manager:

image: gb drNkn`suiy


image: gb drNkn`Suiy (c)
image: gb drNkn`hste
image: gb drNkn`morteh
image: gb drNkn`keando
image: gb drNkn`ethr



image: gb gNx'Panda
image: gb gNx'R3xjEe
image: gb gNx'Suiy
image: nl gNx'Tomoslav
image: se gNx'Cupcake


image: ie gNx'ChunkjEe
image: ie gNx'irish
image: fi gNx'hukk


Team Manager:

image: de [ nhncd]Felix


image: nl [ nhncd]Carlos
image: nl [ nhncd] SQuid
image: nl [ nhncd]Tw1Zzt
image: gb [ nhncd]keando
image: gb [ nhncd]Suiy
image: se [ nhncd]cupcaKe
image: pl [ nhncd]hitsu



image: ca [ nhncd] Brisk / takako
image: ca [ nhncd] embarrassed
image: nl [ nhncd] Carlos / Priscilla (c)
image: us [ nhncd] ohurcool
image: ee [ nhncd] infi_
image: gb [ nhncd] Suiy

image: gb [ nhncd]ScarZy
image: gb [ nhncd]thEEz
image: nl [nhncd]SQuid
image: us [ nhncd]Dedz
image: us [ nhncd]wesker


image: nl [ nhncd]Carlos (c)
image: nl [ nhncd]Xo
image: de [ nhncd]Felix
image: ee [ nhncd]infi_
image: gb [ nhncd]Suiy
image: ca [ nhncd]embarrassed


image: gb midlands.cppr
image: gb midlands.seb
image: gb midlands.`SoD
image: gb midlands.suiy
image: gb midlands.torres
image: gb midlands.d2f
image: gb midlands.tomo
image: gb midlands.baggiez
image: gb midlands.Anarkii
image: gb midlands.rahul
image: gb midlands.J0sh
image: gb midlands.h1tmAn
image: gb midlands.geminiii



image: csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012-)
image: et Enemy Territory (2004-2012: Inactive)
image: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein (2002-2005: Inactive)
image: gid4_small Quake Live (2009-2012: Inactive)
image: gid4_small Quake 3 (2000-2005: Inactive)


Swedendi$po slajdan: learn 2 play fair man....

FinlandRAAB OLBAA: lmao wh

FinlandRAAB LETTU: demos plz

Finland<raspberry>: learn to control ur wh

EstoniaJyrkZ: gg wh
EstoniaJyrkZ: nice prefire lmao
EstoniaJyrkZ: i know ilos is clean but that suiy is a haxor

Germanyd'it.mUnduSNEWMOUSE: nice selfbust cu at esl admins

PolandhardfraginEsLkk!: ahahaha wh

PolandFiRENZE: yes yes ofc
PolandFiRENZE: turn off wh plz

GermanyTeam-AoW xENJI: hacker

Germanygr0ss: still, when your clean and be some highsens pwner like me we could own sometimes 2gether :o) i like randoms with aim :D

United Kingdomartline. wakizashi: wp apart from the botter
United KingdomSiF-Waki: Suiy is a cheater
United Kingdom[22:16:31] [+Wakizashiuk] Suiy
United Kingdom[22:16:33] [+Wakizashiuk] your full of shit
United Kingdom[22:16:46] [+Wakizashiuk] b4 you manage to tripple all of us n the space of a few seconds

Polandmakumba: demos plz

PolandbezskillA: fukin obvious, upload demos to cb plz

PolandrAbit: Please UPLOAD demos Suiy! We think that has Suiy WH!

PolandTemplar: btw get skill wh off :)

United KingdomALMIGHTYTEKN0: weirdest snap ive ever seen

Poland Anatolik: nice wh

United Kingdom[19:54:45] [@Panda] there's something about you, you always get accused
United Kingdom[19:54:49] [@Panda] I don't see anything wrong
United Kingdom[19:55:01] [@Panda] sure, you get the odd snappy moment and dodgy WH but that's nothing :D

United Kingdom[18:24:36] [@griim] you just keep getting more and more disturbing suiy
United Kingdom[19:47:39] [@griim] lagging like an obese toddler jogging across uneven ground
United KingdomGriim: im actually proud of my eyebrows

United KingdomtheeZakje: dont look at my bum it affects my performance

United Kingdom ethr (giving tax on vent): "suiy can just sit here and snap between the trees getting hs through the bushes np"

United Kingdom[16:36:43] [@Seb`] I'm actually a faggot, just cba to anal people

United Kingdom hste/Tom: i've always wanted to speak to you whilst you are naked

United Kingdom Keando: fucking emo hair in the way cant see shit
United Kingdom Keando: fuck yeah, mum got me more hairspray

Germany[01:10:44] [SL|Evilynn] I really hope for you to never see me irl
Germany[01:11:00] [SL|Evilynn] coz then i will show you how much "fat" can hurt ... bibuy

United KingdomSuiy: my et crashed
Estoniainfi_: mine will... it has... so have i... (on vent)

Estoniainfi_: i thought i lagged out but i was standing still

Ireland[20:48:40] [@ETNiES] i took a vid on my fone in poland of my gf takin a shit it was lolers

Brazil[22:31:24] [bradocK] I can't get fucking hard

United States of America[23:02:09] [@dedz] it was awkward as fuck
[23:02:13] [@dedz] they were like HAAAAY CUTTIEEEE
[23:02:18] [@dedz] and my mom turns around
[23:02:21] [@dedz] gives thumbs up
[23:02:40] [@dedz] last time i go anywhere with my mom again D:
[23:04:27] [@dedz] oh and to top it all off, i put on the radio and it was pretty loud
[23:04:29] [@dedz] katy perry was on
[23:04:36] [@dedz] turned it off sooo quick

United Kingdom[23:49:12] [@Suiy] i know im sexy as phuck
Portugal[23:49:15] [@punky] I THINK U ARE

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The Shittest ET Player of All Time!

Being banned from almost all public servers... :'(

Wales Panda lover <3 xxx

50acc on LAN ":D"
CPUIntel i5-2500K @ 4.0GHz
MotherboardAsus P8P67-Pro
Memory8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 (1600MHz)
Storage60GB OCZ Vertex 3 SSD + 1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 + 320GB WD + 1TB WD MyBook External + 2TB WD Essential External
GraphicsAsus GTX 770 2GB
SoundCreative Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme + M-Audio Fast Track Pro Controller
Operating SystemWindows 7 Ultimate
MonitorBenQ XL2411T 24" 120hz
KeyboardCorsair Vengeance K70
MouseCorsair Vengeance M65 (500hz/800dpi)
HeadsetSteelseries Siberia Frost Blue+ Sennheiser HD280 Pro
Connection16Mb - O2 Broadband