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- DirtyBomb - v56 (ChilAx, aNGER, Wrath, PaNda & eron)
- (streaming competitive dirtybomb every Sunday !)

- Ex-Teams-
- Belgium (siL, rapz, PlAyer, chry, Jere, ViKO, eron)
- boss 6v6 (aNGER, ChilAx, Kenjii, samraj, Wrath, eron)
- belgians 6v6 SummerCup (PlAyer, chry, Jere, siL, spiROZE, ViKO, rapz, eron)
- Belgium (ViKO, Buzzer, xAe, PlAyer, Jere, siL, aieuh, chry, Sup3R, spiROZE, rapz, eron)
- Like a boss 6v6 (rapz, chilax, jerre, constan, aNGER, Piegie, a1Rtj, eron)
- gMen 6v6 (tim, ViKO, azur, buzzer, rznje, Jere, dAv1d, adeto, xAeee, eron,...)
- sereNity / EUNd (Cupra, LavOd, NoHead, Piet, ViKO, eron ; bu: spiROZE, Worm, Wrath, ecklav, a1Rtj)
Finished 5th @ Adroits ET LAN

- EUNd (Piet, ecklav, fostruM, Alvo, eron ;bu: emortal, Nickj)
- Learn2Play (abzes, trent, Excite, 0V1E, sLL, eron)

- Oceans 6 (pHILLE, rasloV, kARRE, GR1m, Alvo, Rand0m, eron)
- EUNd 2v2 (Alvo & eron)
- zeroE impressive (Dudinsky, milhAus, KosK, NoHead, squAze, voljum, Alvo, 0V1E, eron)
- aestas (Worm, spiROZE, Alvo, saKen, LavOd, Fex, eron)
- zeroE SaH (Pimpus, Stino, Cluster, t0mm, Jamiro, strango, Frauwe, vyPer, eron)
- Normality (Ethr, killerboy, adeto, eujen, eron)

- FiF Red (Frauwe, nAzty, Sword, cisy, P5Y ;bu: eron, BarBon)
- Antwerpen (Rhand, Jere, Worm, Flashy, pHILLE, foxje, overdrive, wierdo, eron)
- North Belgium (spiROZE, Worm, Lazio, Sh1zzle, Boss, pHILLE, PlAyer, chry, Jere, eron)
- anticlimax (aClmx) (Flashy, KosK, Boss, fritsie, nuNca, sile, f0xyb0t, Woody, eron)
- impressive v1 (Dudinsky, redeu, hAo, Rezta, riflemon, Smooths, vyPer, eron)
- underrated 3v3 (vyPer, t1mmAe, gr0ss, kolibri, paRRa, eron)

- 8b1ts FiF Yellow (Alvo, iMmi, Gr!ngoe, wOeTrE, pHILLE, sk1p, boiRe, testi, iPoz, eron)
- Kinetics (vyPer, mirageji, gr0ss, prescott, Tomas, Bassie, kOEKJE, kolibri, kAz, eron)
- Bohalix 3o3 (Flashy, rezta, Troj@n, eron)

- gameDivision (P5Y, Frauwe, NazguL (nAzty), NawoR, Sylvester, zeto, Caveman, brutal, Dreamer, P5Y, eron)
- NNA, DGA,...

- LAN -
- Visited cdc4, cc5 and cc6
- Played CiC7 & Adroits (oct. 2012 - 5th place)

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- 1day cups -

() #rocKit 3v3 Cup with
() #zero.E v7 3v3 cup with Europe EUNd
() Result CUP 2v2 1daycup with Benelux Bohalix.3o3
() 3v3 Skeit 1day Cup with Benelux Bohalix.3o3
() e$ 3v3 cup with Europe INF
() 3v3 Belgian Championship 2009 with Belgium Jeroentjes
() #thisisambercup with BelgiumJust4Fun
() 3v3 cup name? with Belgium Just4Fun
() as wannabes Result CUP 3v3 v3 with Belgium menTiz.CUP
() zero.E cup v14 3v3 with Benelux fagS
() 5v5 BMG cup v7 with Europe EUNd
() BROT 3o3 cup season I with Europe EUNd
() 5v5 #zero.E 5on5 cup v.2 with Europe iNspired
() 3v3 winkocup 2011 Belgium Just4Fun

- Other Cups -

() 6v6 OpenCup Fall 2009 2nd League with Benelux
() 6v6 CG Season 2 (League 2) with Europe boss
(/4th) beNe-Cup 2009 with Belgium Team Antwerpen
() 6v6 SummerCup 2009 5th League with Europe

- Ladders -
ESL 6v6 Ladder from september 2009 with Belgium
4th 3v3 Benelux Ladder 2008 with Benelux #Bohalix.3o3 :D
GraphicsNot bad
MouseLogitech G400
MousepadRazer Goliathus