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Poland samraj / shigeru (c)
Poland Piotre R.I.P. - I will never forget You
Poland SirPojarek
Poland Ra

Poland Qwe (c)
Poland wiesiek
Poland diAler
Poland seth
Poland chudy
Poland koval
Poland owl (rifle)
Poland oszukanci
Poland Artur
Poland RedAngel
Poland Kuloch
Poland Broken
Poland Piotre R.I.P. :*: will always love You
Poland samraj

Poland rroarr (c)
Poland Lee / inz. (best ET player ever)
Poland trQ
Poland znajda aka kapt.Bomba
Poland termit aka chor.Torpeda
Poland WERT (rifle - lowminus)
Poland Padaka
Poland Fiveopac
Poland Tajfun
Poland Tensai
Poland Pijar
Poland shark (Pukawka & BIO Owner)
Poland samraj

Russia MightyBro (c)
Russia slaw
Russia Daka
Russia Crosby87
Finland Snipu
Germany sanji (rifle)
Germany krucio
Latvia FUZZ
Latvia dunno
United Kingdom rAzbo
Canada sHAUN (rifle)
Poland samraj

Austria hal (c)
Germany Cokeser (rifle)
Germany Mo
Germany Hidhor
Germany Fattony
Germany Lumpi
Germany sanji
Germany mOsq
Germany kze
Poland samraj

Germany Dayna (manager)
Netherlands Simple-Nick (c) / (rifle)
Netherlands tekno
Finland blib
Germany olli
Poland samREj
Finland ifa
Bulgaria Eclipse
Poland Nurlaf
United Kingdom mishy
Poland shark

*0-sk!ll* ver.*1*:
Poland samraj (c)
Poland termit
Poland shark
Poland znajda
Poland wiesiek
Poland topek
Poland traQo
Poland lee
Poland zefir
Poland bAm
Poland morfey (cheeetek)

*Zero*skill* ver.*2*:
Poland samraj
Poland buzka
Poland robol^
Poland fixxxer
Poland lee
Poland zefir
Poland shark
Poland topek
Poland termit
Poland znajda
Poland kot
Poland sNi (cheeeterek)

*Zero*skill* ver*.*3*:
Poland samraj
Poland robol^
Poland serrano
Poland r4gnak
Poland zefir
Poland feanor
Poland buzka
Poland conte
Poland bAm
Poland diAler

*Zeroskill* ver.4*:
Poland samraj
Poland robol^
Poland feanor
Poland wiesiek
Poland mrozu
Poland bytheway
Poland wrednydzik
Poland bAm
Poland zefir
Poland sarna
Poland johNny
Poland eonian
Poland ug

Poland samraj
Finland blib
Poland feanor
Finland painINfliCt
Poland bentsin

Germany Showtime (c)
Germany Cobra
Germany shizzel
Germany schebek
Austria Kalli
Germany/Poland stahl
Germany wundertütte
Poland samraj

Poland brahi (c)
Poland znajda
Poland termit
Poland feanor
Poland buggs
Poland vanitas(rifle)
Poland samraj

Poland samraj (c)
Poland loCkheed
Poland topek
Poland buggs
Poland wilko
Poland sNi (rifle)
Poland ser4no
Poland feanor



"Le manifeste de l'eau" - Riccardo Petrella

Ta planeta jest nasza, czyli moja, Twoja, wszystkich !!!!!!!

may i never rest till my good is better and my better BEST...

Poland :*: KATYN :*: Russia

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*sorry for my breaks during game, i play only at work !!!*
ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2012 3rd Div
Orzel7 - Offi Only forfight
ET Clanbase 6on6 Summer Cup 2012 6th Div
PMCG - RCW forfight
ET Clanbase 3on3 Summer Cup 2012 4th Div
zeroskill - 21 Guns 0:8
ET Clanbase 3on3 Spring Cup 2012 4th Div
zeroskill - power play 0:4
ET Clanbase 6on6 OpenCup Fall 2011 3rd Division
zeroskill - 1up 5:3
1st Polish Draft Tournament 02/2012
team Voiler - team Palemki 4:2
ET Clanbase Open Cup Spring 2008 4th Division
dziadki - DECLINE 0:4
Liga4Fun 2011 with zeroskill
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