Crossfire LAN Veteran

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Nationscup XVI - Enemy Territory SW
Nationscup XIV - Enemy Territory SW
CB 5v5 ladder (link)
CB EC XXIII (2011) (link)
Antwerp Esport Festival
EuroCup XXI - Enemy Territory SW 5on5
ESL Major Series VI
NationsCup XIII - Enemy Territory SW
Crossfire Intel Challenge 7 - (9/12th)
EuroCup XX - Enemy Territory SW (5/6th)
ESL Major Series IV (4th)
Crossfire Challenge 6 (5/6th)
EuroCup XIX - Enemy Territory SW (4th)
NationsCup XII - Enemy Territory SW
Crossfire Challenge 5 (5/6th)
OpenCup Spring 2008 - Enemy Territory SW 3v3 (3rd)
OpenCup Fall 2008 - Enemy Territory SW - premier div (2nd)
Summer Cup 2008 - Enemy Territory SW 5on5 - premier div (1st)
Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 - (12/16th)
ET ETPRO CB hosted cup - fourth div
OpenCup Fall 2007 - Enemy Territory SW - fourth div

Netherlands ins
Netherlands jo0f
Netherlands vANQ
Belgium siL
Belgium Jere

Belgium Jere
Belgium fostruM
Belgium siL
Netherlands jo0f
Netherlands vanQ

Belgium Worm
Belgium Jere
Belgium siL
Netherlands ins
Netherlands jo0f
Netherlands vanQ

teammates while playing for Belgium
Belgium mAus
Belgium cherry
Belgium d4v1d
Belgium Worm
Belgium Jere
Belgium fostruM
Belgium undead
Belgium Isen
Belgium xAv
Belgium spiroze
Belgium bosshoer
Belgium vila
Belgium Sup3r
Belgium Buzzer
Belgium kevin
Belgium dooppi
Belgium ViKo
Belgium Player
Belgium Cherry
Belgium siL

we try but never succeed
Belgium tziek
Belgium broQ
Belgium bach
Belgium L4mp
Belgium kra
Belgium prn
Belgium Eldo
Belgium LED
Belgium pack
Belgium pyke
Belgium Cow
Belgium pons
Belgium wezel
Belgium HiseDase
Belgium fretn
Belgium longjacket
Belgium aggie
Belgium siL

YAWn! beta tester http://www.yawn.be


2nd E-Series
5th cc6
5th cc5
5th EC XX
4th EMS II
4th EC XIX
2nd OC 08
1st SC 08
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E8500 @3.16GHz
MotherboardP5Q Deluxe
Memory4,00 GB
Storage1tb -7200 + 320 -7200
GraphicsRADEON HD 4850 1GB
Operating SystemWindows 7 ultimate
Mouserazer deathadder
Headsetsennheiser pc350