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ingame nick : "sadFace"
I'm currently cless
I'm able to speak French, a bit of Dutch and English ofc.
I'm playing medic most of the time but I can also play as an engi smg or rifle.
I can handle any ~med skilled opponents.
I'm from the South of Belgium, (where ppl speak French)

Contact me

image: mirc mIRC : /q sadFace @ #crossfire (not connected very often tho)
image: et In game : "S A D F A C E" @ NBS or [!!!]Hirntot
image: 01 Crossfire : feel free to spam my inbox
image: favicon Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198176155903/


sadFace's TZAC user profile (00000099) failed to get the 100th :DDD