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§ About Me:
Name: Michal[/i]
Age: 20[/i]
Skill: med-/med[/i]
Class: engi rifle & medic[/i]

§ Contact:
xFire: raineet[/i]
gg: 6356680[/i]

§ Actually play for:


§ Ex-Teams:

image: nl (2012 - ???)]
image: nlWoopy(c)
image: nlBlizzy
image: plx4Ne
image: nlRiot
image: befausy (merc)[/hide]
image: pl (2012)]
image: bgkAzaje(c)
image: plsCreen
image: plx4Ne
image: plHeaven
image: pl.yo0p+
image: plWaldi
image: plArek[/hide]
image: pl (2011 - 2012)]
image: plx4Ne(c)
image: plkrEt
image: czTekkna[/hide]
image: pl (2011)]
image: plx4Ne(c)
image: plkrEt
image: pllmao[/hide]
image: eu (2010 - 2011)]
image: beNutzz(c)
image: plx4Ne
image: plkrEt
image: besliCr
image: pllmao
image: dekRESHA
image: plrelaps3[/hide]

§ During my ET gaming:
image: eu
image: nlAti_
image: nlsaKen
image: nlaapje
image: nlImPlux
image: beAl1
image: beViKODiN
image: beJere
image: beDe57
image: ptBasty
image: ptpunky
image: noZodiac
image: now3st
image: frRapk
image: frb3ck
image: frkARnAJ
image: frrAffou
image: plLelleQ
image: pldialer
image: pllesti
image: plkIANOo
image: plkrEt
image: plLoCkheed
image: plsCreen
image: trL3thal
image: deFLoPJEHZ
image: gbWakizashi
image: gbsqZz[/hide]

§ Randomshit:
O.o[/b] I'm cheater...]
image: fid!ldO: wow, nice wh

image: beAbleton: sure
image: beAbleton: ahahah
image: beAbleton: wher

image: hrgrnn: nice xane
image: hrgrnn: bot or luck :DD

image: nldazzbo: great riflecam

image: pl.TryOut*mAre: sure
image: pl.TryOut*mAre: dziwko

image: gbPunkbusterrrr: wh

image: beBernard Black: ofc..

image: plKoszar: yyy...?

image: plpetros: Jak kurwa, jak ?!

image: deKhaled: sure

§ The best..
xD[/b] quotes]
Quote<Ozi!osk!'TrueSpirit>: lol mi Cie

Quote<krEt.>: get body

Quote<bAs1c>: Chyba musisz popracowac troche nad angielskim :D
<chelo>: powiedz mi, po chuj mi angielski
<chelo>: skoro mieszkam w polsce

Quote<PolagZ.lesti>: pozdrawiam xANe
<PolagZ.lesti>: !
<PolagZ.dialer>: xene?
<PolagZ.Frag'Stealer>: Czarodziejke xD ?

Quote<aWAKe'hangovah>: U're one of the best riflers here though

Quote<war!ior>: do you know mAus?
<.e-gaming#St3al>: me poland

Quote<bringer>: fuck, sneezed all over the screen -.-

Quote- bNk(with sten) killed by sDonkey=]
<kuna>: ale wiesz, ze ta bron sie przegrzewa?

Quote<WeAreHoly>: przez 3 godziny sie uczylem panstw
<bAs1c>: xDD
<WeAreHoly>: bo nie mialem co robic :)

Quote<00:02:54> "xANe(aCe)": xylos?
<00:03:09> "<<Cu'Gohanna.": wiem co to silos
<00:03:13> "koszar": :P
<00:03:13> "<<Cu'Gohanna.": tam sie trzyma zboze

Quote<[CB]Homo(e)r>: matias cursed ready up please :)
<bv ~ Cursed:> sex, trying to fix my inet =d
<bv ~ edain:> sex
<bv ~ Cursed>: sec*
<bv ~ Cursed>: = D
<BPBeH acid>: 'haha'
<[CB]Homo(e)r>: be nice:(
<BPBeH acid>: su
<bv ~ ght!>: te kurwy nie czuja czilautó
<bv ~ edain>: spierdoliny
<BPBEH mAus>: twoja stara
<bv ~ ght!>: zamknij pizde low skillu
<[CB]Homo(e)r>: what?
<BPBEH mAus>: pierdolec
<bv ~ ght!>: :D:D
<bv ~ ght!>: JP kurwa.
<bv ~ ght!>: JP kurwa.
<bv ~ ght!>: JP kurwa.
<[CB]Homo(r)boy>: gl hf
<bv ~ edain>: wiadomosc dla calej nacji belgijskiej: JP

Quote<humM3L!!! dQ>: rup
<humM3L!!! dQ>: rup
<humM3L!!! dQ>: rup
<disQ predi>: you didnt mention that before
<faaahaaha!!! dQ>: xD
<humM3L!!! dQ>: rup
<faaahaaha!!! dQ>: DRAMA
<mag'b2k>: a jebnij sie w leb niemiecja pizdo
<syriusZ'b2k>: jebniete te szwaby
<disQ predi>: ja kruwa
<disQ predi>: japierdole
<w1lko'b2k>: tut mir leid

Quote< tMoe / fanatic [Warmup]>: robimy sobie pamiatkowe zdjecie ze 2-0 dla nas

§ My fav..:
:_)[/b] ET movies]

image: arrow European Community Movie by samAel
image: arrow Requiem - Wolfenstein ET by mAx
image: arrow This is ET by KAMZ
image: arrow Ati_ - Random Rifle by Ati_
image: arrow Flying Hovnos by malfoy

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[]F.C. Barcelona fan since 2003
[]ET Player since 2006
[]Never cheated
[]Most hated public rifle
[]Best rifle in my town :D
CPUAMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 4000+
MainboardDFI LanParty NF4
MonitorFLATRON W2246S
KeyboardBasic logitech :<
MouseMicrosoft Sidewinder x5
MousepadSteelseries QcK+
SoundcardRealtec AC3
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT
O/SWindows 7
HeadsetCreative Fatal1ty HS-800
Connection12 mb/s