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Achieving the most retarded ban in 2015 by accidentally joining PB secured private server with XX years old cheat, because I've wanted to find an easy way to learn a few trickshots on some maps. GG BB CU IN 2016


QuoteSLAC/TZAC ID: 8095
From: Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Speak: England / Czech Republic / Poland
Class: MEDIC + Rifle (supply only :XD)

Quote by QUOTES :D
<Pantti>:u need tzac
<iR*wolf OnlyLAN>:get hit poltard
Quote<Yulyan>: sure xD

Quote<nejm>:some busted preshooting dickhead

Quote[23:05] <fumble> Bobig the legend of irc!

Quote[saKen]:suck a dick faggot

QuoterandomNoooBster: well u might be a huge retard to some but i like u

Quote<19:04:35> "nejm": due to kicking marathon once again, i'd like to ask u, when did u start supporting ur aim
<19:04:54> "nejm": i did expect it since i saw ur aim first time, now im 100% sure and would like to know
<19:05:36> "nejm": u dont have to be upset
<19:08:07> "nejm": i bet u started it few time before u came with unhit bullshit, am i right? u couldnt handle fact, that humanized aim with medium settings cant shot as good as top players
<19:12:34> "nejm": some time* few sounds stupid

Quote<22:47:05> "craps": UR GIRL REALY

Quote[19:08] <Foreigner> sec making sure they'll play with you
[19:08] <`GodB> LMAO
[19:09] <Foreigner> "I don't like that nigga" and "that dude is fucking gay"

Quote by trolling my bro<3image: 2iay2cp

[17:45] <CR0N0> you try way too much when you play little bitch nigga
[17:45] <_aediKA> :ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
[17:45] <CR0N0> xDD

[17:49] <CR0N0> pica prdele

Quote[17:12] <@jam{> benched for bobika
[17:12] <@jam{> kill me now

Quote[19:59] <happyyyy> need decent 3rd for offi
[19:59] <Webe> happyyyy pm _bobika

Quote<21:50:39> "deryyn": me weslann bobika sebson and snsz
<21:51:14> "tursas": u, a busted cheater, a retard, a polak and a random
<23:53:36> "Weslann": dreamteam

Quote[20:27] <Artstar> well it's not 4chan so i can understand the ban[
[20:27] <Artstar> this isn't the place to post pics of dicks hanging out

Quote[18:30] <Kenzi> is _BOBiKA_ going to be banned soon?
[18:30] <Kenzi> for peeing newschool

Quote[23:36] <CR0N0> u needa stop playing rifle fucking nerd
[23:38] <deryyn> CR0N0 <3
[23:39] <CR0N0> deryyn
[23:39] <CR0N0> tell `GodB the cunt to stop playing rifle
[23:39] <`GodB> CR0N0 why hahahahha
[23:39] <deryyn> :DDDDd
[23:39] <deryyn> hes good :S

Quote<19:51:40> "abbadabba": i cant play with and bobi and this retard our combined iq in the team would be negative
<19:51:52> "abbadabba": even tho mine is pretty fuckin high

Quote[19:16] <_bobika_> Im as smart as Mr.Med+DrImCuntAlot
[19:16] <mortal> as smart as changing guids between rounds

Quote<12:42:50> "Tsuna": BOBIKA TO KURWA
<12:42:52> Chat partner has closed the conversation

Quote <14:32:53> "angela": :*
<14:32:55> "angela": ;D
<14:32:58> "angela": bettah? :DD

Quote by abbaimage: 2mrv3ms

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Quote by jerKimage: f4qqfc

Quote by CZE!hatersimage: 1zbxyty[
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Quote by legendimage: 2digcg9

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Quote[22:04] <`GodB> 6o6 merc avi /q
[22:04] <razz{> awesome player

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Quote by moussimage: xgl2m0[/quote
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Quote[22:22] <_kARMA{> you were in jail or what:D?
[22:22] <Elviss> _kARMA{
[22:22] <Elviss> no
[22:22] <Elviss> i just got gf :D

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Quote by aim tutorial makerimage: 2m5jz2g

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Quote<20:03:08> "abbadabba": XD
<20:03:15> "abbadabba": they mad cus rekt by bobika most hated

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Quote by STOKKIEimage: 15qet1k
image: 2rvykw6

Quote by jEzztor<20:17:58> "jEzt0rr": my retardness went up a level today xDDD

i was looking for a game on IRC and i named my self some retarded name , then like five minutes past and i saw some dude searching so i messaged him

Me: War?
some dude: War?
Me: Yes
Some dude: Yes
Me: Stop this
Some dude: Stop this

i was messaging my self xDDDD hahahaha

Quote by aphesia doesnt know my fake xDimage: oLIb65V

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Quote by alphi<3image: Lljpdpr

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Quote by busted cheaterimage: uIE7eBt

Quote by didnt evne tryimage: GUHjJIc

Quote by asimov on my offer :Simage: yhHCG3a

Quote by fanboy baseimage: rMuYhd4

Quote by dont forget where you come from *BB*<3image: vUtl85W

Quote by leLimage: K1Ca0tW

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Quote by bowler fanboyimage: ToNjNnH

Quote by BRCH :D!image: mHr4Gdc

Quote 00:31 <Artstar> • roba was born on the 32nd of December
00:32 <Artstar> • lol

Quote<18:17:50> "Keith": idk :p some guy gave me some folder
<18:17:57> "Keith": and i inject winject or smthing
<18:17:59> "Keith": and bam
<18:18:03> "Keith": i aimed like mAus

Quote<00:39:37> "n00n": im going to a party
<00:39:37> "n00n": Mieszka w: Rugby, Warwickshire
<00:39:37> "deryn": rugby is a fucking game, not a city

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Quote by critte smiling :Simage: 9zcE904

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Quote by eA. needed merc, izi win :Simage: UJQESUR

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Quote by DARKI[20:55] <Darki> bobika dont asslick before you get busted with ur wh
[20:55] <Darki> ohurcool cant help you

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Quotedarki:Only person that can replace me as eng smg is drago in steroids

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Thanks for HIT!

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sqZzs fanboy! :D

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↑↑Busted 13 and still counting....↑↑.

[--At the moment playing for--]

Ijust 3on3 and waiting on Dirty Bomb!
edit: Rolling tryhards

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400th Hit by old PureFrag mate Kenji :)
<18:49:17> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": u
<18:49:17> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": a
<18:49:18> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": r
<18:49:19> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": e
<18:49:24> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
<18:49:34> "metikki": no im totally straight
<18:49:40> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": Youre not
<18:49:40> "metikki": you are gayyy
<18:49:45> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": you love to do it in guys anal
<18:49:45> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": dry
<18:49:51> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": and then shit on his chest
<18:49:52> "metikki": uuh
<18:49:56> "metikki": but i got gf
<18:50:03> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": Youre just lying to yourself
<18:50:08> "metikki": noope
<18:50:11> "metikki": you are
<18:50:16> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": But i bet you make her anal
<18:50:17> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": for sure
<18:50:20> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": atleast with finger
<18:50:24> "metikki": ofc
<18:50:26> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": Gay
<18:50:29> "metikki": ots delicious
<18:50:32> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": I fuck her in the ass with my dick
<18:50:32> "metikki": its
<18:50:38> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": but with condom obv
<18:50:48> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": its delicious?
<18:50:48> "metikki": lol
<18:50:50> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": so you taste it?
<18:50:53> "metikki": yes
<18:50:55> "metikki": why not
<18:51:01> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": some lovely strawberry shit?
<18:51:04> "metikki": havent you tried it?
<18:51:15> "metikki": no not strawberry
<18:51:19> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": no
<18:51:24> "metikki": ...
<18:51:26> "metikki": dude
<18:51:36> "metikki": go get drunk and lick some girl ass
<18:51:38> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": god once had almost girl at one party,and she tried to put finger in my ass
<18:51:43> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": i yelled and ran away
<18:51:46> "metikki": :DD
<18:51:58> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": almost had fucking heartatache
<18:52:01> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": *heartattack
<18:52:10> "metikki": :DD
<18:52:12> "metikki": lol
<18:52:25> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": cant believe random girls on parties anymore..
<18:52:36> "metikki": why?
<18:52:41> "metikki": i love 'em
<18:52:59> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": I hate sex through condom and scared to do it without with random girls you know
<18:53:08> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": + gf is AWAY FFS
<18:53:17> "metikki": ye sure
<18:53:23> "metikki": "you got gf"
<18:53:25> "metikki": :DDD
<18:53:28> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": i do
<18:53:30> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": for real
<18:53:30> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": bro
<18:53:35> "metikki": pic or it didnt happen
<18:53:39> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": sec
<18:53:54> "metikki": not something internet pornstar
<18:53:56> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": she looks fucking young on pictures,always thinking about myself being pedo
<18:54:03> "metikki": :F
<18:54:08> "metikki": but you are pdo
<18:54:18> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": looks fucking 12 there
<18:54:22> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": but always turns me on
<18:54:23> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/56132_448671091845990_1349518128_o.jpg
<18:54:23> "metikki": how old are you
<18:54:33> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": almost 16 bro
<18:54:42> "metikki": are you fucking 97?
<18:54:50> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": i fucking am
<18:54:57> "metikki": gg
<18:55:00> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": Why
<18:55:11> "metikki": i totally would fuck your gf
<18:55:18> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": FUCKING PEDO MAN
<18:55:23> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": SHE LOOKS TWELVE THERE
<18:55:23> "metikki": so?
<18:55:29> "metikki": im only 14atm
<18:55:30> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": how old are you? 17 ?
<18:55:32> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": :XDDDDDD
<18:55:41> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": she's as old as you tho
<18:55:46> "metikki": :D
<18:55:49> "metikki": im just kidding
<18:55:52> "metikki": im 32
<18:55:57> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
<18:56:00> "metikki": nope
<18:56:06> "metikki": m m mm
<18:56:09> "metikki": my wife
<18:56:13> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": pic
<18:56:15> "ƁŎƄƚƘƛ™gayyyy5.9.112.247:27960": or didnt happen
<18:56:15> "metikki": mmm love her


  1. SwedenSOPHI <3

image: 577485_10150857195257238_163578457237_11705029_1522223486_n


Quote by QuotesEnglandR0SIE: You are the worst panzer i've ever seen bob..
PakistanKoop:im too low to quote
Portugalviperrr: i love the shit i do in pubs :D
Wales<01:45:38>DERYN": WES
Wales<01:45:40> "DERYN": !
Sweden<01:45:42> "Weslann": yo
Wales<01:45:43> "DERYN": are you from Ireland?
cos when i look at you my cocks Dublin

SwedenWeslann: i watch porn with 5niggers 1girl
Czech Republicbobi: LOL
PortugalvipeRr: im so dumb, i just understood now why they are using 45
Francemouss: bobi,why you always tk me :(
image: iz13qb[

[quotes]<Pantti>:u need tzac
<KeKz xD>: ultimate pl rifle xD
<iR*wolf OnlyLAN>:get hit poltard
<STaZ>:LOL what a cheater
<teamALBER/Wedseck>: lol how
<hBts>:nice warp script fag
<ZeeTa>:shut up newtalent
<syrian>: that wh
<Yulyan>: sure xD
<nejm>:some busted preshooting dickhead
[23:05] <fumble> Bobig the legend of irc!
[saKen]:suck a dick faggot [/quote]

Quote[19:48] <BOB__> co to ma bejt za trolling ty jeden jako jo
[19:54] <malfozio> jsem si to omylem zavřel
[19:54] <malfozio> si mi psal?
[19:54] <malfozio> :)
[19:55] <BOB__> radsi ne
[19:55] <malfozio> co si psal neco ze jsem zasranej ginger kterej nehraje srdickem a chce furt na vsechno kucharku? (:
[19:56] <BOB__> NO FOKIN WAY
[19:56] <BOB__> [19:48] <BOB__> co to ma bejt za trolling ty jeden jako jo
[19:56] <BOB__> si tam zacal malyho boba chudaka hejtovat
[19:56] <malfozio> jaaa?
[19:57] <malfozio> dyt ti davam furt shotouty zastavam se te pred klukama kde muzu a ty mi napises f.o. :'(
[19:58] <BOB__> uz to skladuju, za chvili upnu na profil a dam pred to poharek!
[19:58] <malfozio> jsi bo-zi, uz jsem ti to dneska rikal? (:
[19:58] <BOB__> toho nikdy neni dost <3
[20:00] <malfozio> <3 2x

Quote by ShoutOuts

United States of AmericaKarl: one of my best Ifriends.. Hope you will be more lucky in future buddy!
Walesderyyn<3: u know it.. :P love your singing :D
Walesgav: since im his fanboy :( ... I hate your brownnosing trolls on me... :/
Sweden / Denmarkweslann: for telling me always fuck off or shut up :DDD
EuropePlaymate: for killing each other just with knife,airstrike or rnade :D
United States of AmericaiPod: for having fun with me on NBS #1 rolling noobs with rnades and pf :D
PolandBiGGie: one day,we will meet e-o and youll teach me all that stuff with weed! :D
<21:09:45> "bobi": bitch
<21:09:57> "Karl": whore
<21:10:18> "bobi": prostitute
<21:10:27> "Karl": slut
<21:10:42> "bobi": tramp
<21:10:47> "Karl": skank
<21:10:51> "bobi": hooker
<21:10:55> "Karl": twat
<21:11:04> "bobi": scum
<21:11:11> "Karl": cunt
<21:11:18> "bobi": I love you Karl <3
<21:11:23> "Karl": I lov eyou too :)

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STRIKE but cool i guess :(
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image: 51y5b4
image: 314y1wj
image: v689jb
image: 259zvo5
image: 2wrdobt
image: 2ele33l


  • uR*eu 3on3 & 6on6
  • merc for eXecutors 3o3
  • Alliancze RED
  • Alliancze WHITE
  • brom8
  • pracc merc for TKEEN

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Getting shoutout from sqZz @ 17.4.2012 around 22.15 - first from Highskiller :'(
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