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Destiny 2

Germany ocrana

Quit ET 2014

Some Old Clan's i'm Played

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Germany animax.ef
Europe essential.ef
Europe Team Helix.ef
Europe Warlord Crew
Baden-Württemberg Team Baden Württemberg

Retur to Castle Wolfenstein

Germany VoDW
Austria castelfront
Europe essential.rtcw

Enemy Territory

Germany VoDW
Germany Insidious Campers
Germany eraZed
Germany eVolution
Germany minuS Gaming
Germany my_eSsential (Founder & Leader)
Germany noFear
Germany Rauchende Colts
Baden-Württemberg Team Stuttgart
Austria cdap v.22
Germany eLemenT'Earth
Germany dGaming
Germany Sleep@ xlibres
Germany Highvoltage
Germany oneway
Germany pugx Gaming

Battlefield Series (1942 - BFBC2)

Germany Insidious Campers
Sweden gameNess

Call of Duty Series (1-2 +4)

Germany Insidious Campers
Germany bcg.nVidia
Germany The Devils Regiment

Wolrd of Warcraft (lvl 80)

Germany Insidious Creatures
Germany For the Horde

Community Projekts

Germany Fun4Gamer ET (Head Admin)
Germany community4gamer (Head Admin & Founder)


Playing Online Games since 2000
Waste manny time about Gaming

ESPL Ladder AW CTF 365 Days with Europe essential
ESPL 1v1 Liga All Weapons CTF
CB/ EFL s1 with Europe wrld Crew
CB/EFL s2 with Europe wrld Crew
CB/EFL s3 with Europe wrld Crew
Desiliga with Germany Team Helix
Desiliga with Europe essential
Deutscher Länder Cup with Baden-Württemberg BW.ef
Fun4Gamer Liga with Germany [VoDW]
Clan Intern 2v2 League with Team Borg
Clan Intern 1v1 League

Getliga 3on3 with Germany my_essential [2008]
Liga4fun with Germany my_essential [2009]