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[09:53:55:pm] [@kaMzZ] Nait i am disappoint :(
[09:54:06:pm] [@Nait] you're a retard anyway

[22:28] <@embarrassed> I am the dancing queen

(22:26:34) (+TESCO) :)
(22:26:34) (TESCO) ( (Killed (* (You are violating network rules, ID: 27630620)))
(22:27:08) (@ArtstAr) must have a real ugly smile

[16:00:19] [@Xo`] [15.59] <@snip0> i have a crush on you
[16:00:21] [@Xo`] fuck you
[16:00:22] [@Xo`] gay
[16:00:28] [@snip0] wat
[16:00:30] [@snip0] :DDD
[16:00:31] [@Xo`] wait
[16:00:33] [@Xo`] wat
[16:00:36] [@snip0] decent fake quote
[16:00:37] [@snip0] DECENT
[16:00:52] [@Suiy] strangely i have that quote too
[16:01:04] [@Xo`] :')
[16:01:06] [@snip0] strangely my penis is up your arse soon

[16:03:00] [@taaaaaaaace] thats not new
[16:03:02] [@taaaaaaaace] snip0 being gay
[16:03:16] [@Suiy] and now taaaaaaaace joins in wunderbar
[16:03:25] [@taaaaaaaace] thats all i had to say rly
[16:03:32] [@taaaaaaaace] just stirring the shit
[16:03:39] [@snip0] with your penis?

[12:20:07] [@Suiy] i like how sometimes finland is ahead in time over israel
[12:20:10] [@Suiy] AS IT MAKES NO SENSE
[12:20:22] [@Pr3D] israel fucked up country
[12:20:25] [@Carlos] israel is like germany
[12:20:32] [@Carlos] they're never ahead in anything
[12:20:45] [@Pr3D] except in evolution girls got beard already

[23:11:00] [@snip0] `theeZakje
[23:11:01] [@snip0] cod4?
[23:11:02] [@snip0] NAO
[23:12:14] [@`theeZakje] snip0 no!
[23:13:52] [@snip0] `theeZakje
[23:13:53] [@snip0] :(
[23:13:56] [@snip0] why not
[23:28:03] [@`theeZakje] cos i'm going to go play with my anal beads in my room

[21:35:38] [@tace`_] !mypenis
[21:35:38] [@HMPF] [ » tace`_ hat keinen Penis « ]
[21:36:09] [@tace`_] if i dnt have a penis
[21:36:18] [@tace`_] question is what have i been playing with the past half hour

[00:05] <@`theeZakje> Suiy i'l whip ya while wearing a gimp mask if ya like